Similar to online brokers comdirect, consorsbank, flatex, maxblue or s-broker! Gut strukturiert und mit den neuesten Finanz-News, dürfte die App jedem Aktienbesitzer eine gute Unterstützung sein, um immer top informiert zu bleiben. Investors should obtain annual reports and other company information to complete their own due diligence in any investment.


DAX-opening as a push message optional and free - Real time quotes for stocks, indices and commodities - watchlists and portfolios with link to the website finanzen. On the Buy-Sell feature in the app to get to your order screen in seconds.

Similar to online brokers comdirect, consorsbank, flatex, maxblue or s-broker! PRESS "The exemplary designed app provides a real trading floor flair through the automatic price update.

The news service is extensive, the messages are properly formatted. Real-time push prices to indices, commodities, interest rates and currencies dollar, euro exchange rate, yen, Swiss franc, Bitcoin and other currencies complete the profile in addition to information about stocks, companies, certificates, funds, politics, economy and business. With stock picks, analysis, price targets and metrics important background information about the shares are provided.

Interactive tools for chart analysis and model portfolios make the offer individualized. Xetra, Frankfurt stock exchange, stock market game, current yield, buy stocks, penny stocks, Bund Future, personal finance The app gives you a faster overview of the markets and their custody now. Tourmaline Oil TOU has notable insider buying. Money is Moving Most recent insider public news. Private Eye Recent off-market transactions spotted. Great Bear Resources Ltd. The stock has moved up Visit the company page to see who has been active.

Insider Sentiment Centre The INK Indicator is updated daily and measures the level and direction of insider sentiment by looking at key purchases and sales by executives in every company. The indicator represents the ratio of stocks with key insider buying over key insider selling. For more background on market and sector indicators, please visit INK Research.

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You can read more about cookies here. Search for companies, currencies or commodities for real-time insights. Intelligence Login Sign up. Sentifi in Two Minutes. Collects and ranks relevant financial news from 13 million sources. Processes 1 billion messages every month.

Deliver actionable insights about the assets that matter most to your portfolio in real-time.

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