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Illustration about 3D render of US Dollar and Euro spheres as planets in outer space. Illustration of invest, money, wealth -

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BP’s stock price surged percent as the company reported better than expected earning results. The results showed higher profits and lower sales than estimated.

I have created a dataframe that has a bunch of characteristics. I want to create a new column that selects all rows between two specific rows which are going to be inputs.

I want to add a new column that assigns a 1 when a condition is met. In my case the condition is all rows between two specific currencies. For example, say that I want all currencies between 'Dollar' and 'Pound'.

My guess is I have to create a mask and use it as a conditional, that will say select all rows between the first 'Dollar' row and the last 'Pound' row i. The above creates a new column with T in all currencies, except 'Yen'. I can see why the above is failing, but cannot think of a way of doing what I want. The same names of the currencies will come in groups, e. Second solution use idxmax for first index value and set 1 by loc.

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Say that the dataframe is the following: I have problems creating that mask though, as the currencies are selected alphabetically: In other words, the currency of one country is exchanged for that of another. In excess of 85 percent of all daily transactions involve the trading of the major currencies - U. Bank of International Settlements. By comparison, the currency futures market is only one percent the size of the Foreign Exchange Market.

Unlike other financial markets like the futures and stock markets, the Forex market has no physical location and no central exchange. It operates through an electronic network of banks, corporations and individuals referred to as Interbank trading one currency for another.

This lack of a physical exchange enables the Forex market to operate on a hour basis, moving from one time zone to the next, across each of the world's major financial centers every day. Trading moves from major banking centers of the U. In the past, the Forex Interbank Market was not available to small speculators due to the large minimum transaction sizes and often-stringent financial requirements. Banks, major currency dealers and the occasional huge speculator used to be the principal dealers.

Only they were able to take advantage of the currency market's fantastic liquidity and strong trending nature of many of the world's primary currency exchange rates. Today, foreign exchange market maker brokers are able to break down the larger sized interbank units, and offer small traders the opportunity to buy or sell any number of these smaller units lots.

These brokers give virtually any size trader, including individual speculators or smaller companies, the option to trade the same rates and price movements as the large players who once dominated the market. Market makers quote buying and selling rates for currencies, and they profit on the difference between their buying and selling rates.

Because of its high liquidity and volatility,. See risk disclaimer below. Because of its sheer size, liquidity, and speed Let me repeat that, because it is very important: Here's an example of what I'm talking about: Now, that sounds incredible, doesn't it? An amazing amount of money to make in a single day. But here's the thing: Yet most people assume for Soros to make his billion-dollar fortune, the market had to move in big leaps and bounds.

His fortune was created on a tiny move! Compare that kind of movement with the stocks you own. Ignoring the currency market means letting money sit on the table. It's a big mistake. The truth is, the FOREX market is so vast that it's easy for staggering sums of money to get lost in the cracks Trading is not as complicated.

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