The word is a portmanteau of cantante singer and autore writer. Others used drugs as a mind-altering way to boost creativity; for example, Emil Amos of Holy Sons took drugs daily from age sixteen on, wrote over 1, songs, and landed a record contract with an indie label. On the Letzigrund track on 21 June , Armin Hary was the first human being to run the metres in 10,0 seconds. The term has also been used to describe songwriters in the rock , folk , country , and pop music genres including Henry Russell , Aristide Bruant , Hank Williams , and Buddy Holly. Archived from the original on February 15,

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In , the city parliament decided favourably on an upgrade of the stadium whereas simultaneously, the city administration was working on a reconstruction plan. In , the new Hardturm stadium was approved by the city population in a public vote, but subsequently, legal objections by neighbourhood and environmental groups put the timely realisation for the EURO tournament, for which it was chosen by UEFA in as one of eight venues, in jeopardy. As a result, the planning process for the new Letzigrund stadium was accelerated.

In , the city population approved in a vote the reconstruction of the public stadium, plus in a separate vote, the costs of temporarily adjusting the stadium to the requirements of EURO Originally planned for , the new Letzigrund stadium was opened on August 30, The first football game was FC Zürich vs. Grasshopper Club Zürich on September It hosted three games during the European championships, with a capacity of up to 30, The current capacity is 25, for football events, 26, for athletics and 50, for concerts.

Edit Read in another language Letzigrund. Letzigrund old stadium Letzi. Team 2 Round Spectators 9 June The Old Stadium viewed from the Uetliberg. List of football stadiums in Switzerland. Singers like Seeger and Guthrie would attend rallies for labor unions, and so wrote many songs concerning the life of the working classes, and social protest; as did other folksingers like Josh White , Cisco Houston , Malvina Reynolds , Earl Robinson , Ewan MacColl , John Jacob Niles , and Doc Watson , while blues singers like Johnson and Hopkins wrote songs about their personal life experiences.

This focus on social issues has greatly influenced the singer-songwriter genre. In the country music field, singer-songwriters like Hank Williams , Patsy Cline , Tammy Wynette , Loretta Lynn , George Jones , Merle Haggard , Roger Miller , Billy Edd Wheeler , and others emerged from the s through the s, often writing compelling songs about love relationships and other subjects. The first popular recognition of the singer-songwriter in English-speaking North America and the United Kingdom occurred in the s and early s when a series of blues, folk and country -influenced musicians rose to prominence and popularity.

Artists who had been primarily songwriters, notably Carole King , Townes Van Zandt , and Neil Diamond , also began releasing work as performers. In contrast to the storytelling approach of most prior country and folk music, these performers typically wrote songs from a highly personal often first-person , introspective point of view.

The adjectives "confessional" and "sensitive" were often used sometimes derisively singer-songwriter style. In the rock band era, members were not technically singer-songwriters as solo acts. However, many were singer-songwriters who created songs with other band members. Many others like Eric Clapton found success as singer-songwriters in their later careers. By the mids Bob Dylan took the lead in merging folk and rock, and in July , released " Like a Rolling Stone ", with a revolutionary rock sound, steeped in tawdry urban imagery, followed by an electric performance later that month at the Newport Folk Festival.

Dylan plugged an entire generation into the milieu of the singer-songwriter. Often writing from an urban point of view, with poetry punctuated by rock rhythms and electric power, Dylan's fusing of folk and rock freed up emerging singer-songwriters to use elements of both traditions to tell their stories.

In the late '60s a New Wave of female singer-songwriters broke from the confines of pop, using the urban landscape as their canvass for lyrics in the confessional style of poets like Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath.

These pioneering women, appeared in a feature in Newsweek , July , "The Girls: By the mids and early s, the original wave of singer-songwriters had largely been absorbed into a more general pop or soft rock format, but some new artists in the singer-songwriter tradition including Billy Joel , Stevie Wonder , Bruce Springsteen , Tom Petty , Mark Heard , Chris Isaak , Victoria Williams , John Mellencamp and Warren Zevon continued to emerge, and in other cases rock and even punk rock artists such as Peter Case , Paul Collins and Paul Westerberg transitioned to careers as solo singer-songwriters.

Kate Bush remained distinctive throughout with her idiosyncratic style. In the late s, the term was applied to a group of predominantly female U. In the early s, female artists also began to emerge in new styles, including Courtney Love and PJ Harvey. Later in the mids, the term was revived again with the success of Canada's Alanis Morissette and her breakthrough album Jagged Little Pill. Also in the s and s, artists such as Bono , the Edge , Dave Matthews , Jeff Buckley , Richard Barone , Duncan Sheik and Elliott Smith borrowed from the singer-songwriter tradition to create new acoustic-based rock styles.

Others used drugs as a mind-altering way to boost creativity; for example, Emil Amos of Holy Sons took drugs daily from age sixteen on, wrote over 1, songs, and landed a record contract with an indie label. Recording on the professional-grade systems became affordable for individuals in the late s. This created opportunities for people to independently record and sell their music.

Such artists are known as "indies" because they release their records on independent, often self-owned record labels, or no label at all. Additionally the Internet has provided a means for indies to get their music heard by a wider audience. French " chanson " comes from an old tradition, since the Middle Ages. It is driven by the rhythms of the French language and has a generally higher standard of lyrics than in the English-speaking world.

It can be distinguished from the rest of French "pop" music or soft rock format that began to spread in France during the s until today, under the cultural influence of Anglo-American rock music and the rock band era. He was the first to use jazz rhythms in chanson. Cantautori Italian plural; the singular is cantautore is the Italian expression corresponding to singer-songwriters in English.

The word is a portmanteau of cantante singer and autore writer. The first internationally renowned cantautore was Domenico Modugno with his song " Volare Nel blu dipinto di blu ", a huge best seller in ; other early cantautori , who begun their career in the late 50s, are Gino Paoli , Luigi Tenco , Umberto Bindi , Giorgio Gaber and Enzo Jannacci.

Branduardi was instead much more influenced by Medieval and Baroque musical styles, while his lyrics are usually inspired by ancient fables. Battiato started as a progressive rock and cultivated music artist in the s, shifting to an original blend of pop, electronic, new wave, and world music in the s.

Similarly Paolo Conte was often tagged as a cantautore , but was more into the jazz tradition. In the s Vasco Rossi was renowned for his blend of blues-tinged rock music mixed with Italian melodies.

He was nicknamed the "only Italian rock star" l'unica rock n'roll-star italiana by his fans. With a mixture between international sounds and Italian lyrics, in the s Bugo become the "fantautore", a neologism conied for him. The word has been borrowed into other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan cantautor , French chantauteur , Maltese kantawtur , Romanian cantautor , and Slovenian kantavtor.

Beginning in the s and following the Italian cantautori style of the s like the one of Domenico Modugno , many Latin American countries developed singer-songwriter traditions that adopted elements from various popular styles.

At around the same time, the Brazilian popular style bossa nova was evolving into a politically charged singer-songwriter tradition called Tropicalismo. Two performers, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso became two of the most famous people in all of Brazil through their work in Tropicalismo. Florentin; and orange jellies en mosäiques. There was Bibulus O'Bumper. He shook his head at Clos de Vougeot, and told with his eyes shut, the difference between Sherry and Amontillado.

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