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Day Trading Penny Stocks – Playing the Pumps

Commodities, on the other hand, are physical substances that come from the earth, such as gold or wheat. Derivatives are types of investments that depend on something else for their prices. For instance, options trading is a form of derivative.

Instead of buying or selling a stock, you form a contract with the option to buy or sell a certain number of shares at a specific date. Real estate is its own animal. You can invest in real estate by flipping houses sold at auction, renting properties to tenants, and numerous other strategies.

Everything in the financial industry revolves around supply and demand. An increased supply reduces demand, but a decreased supply increases demand — and vice versa. In the stock market, greater demand means more opportunities to sell shares of a stock at a higher price point. Similarly, greater supply allows you to buy in at a reduced rate. Keep these terms in mind when you begin learning penny stocks. Are you ready to dig into the nitty-gritty of penny stocks?

The first thing you need to master is stock analysis. On its face, stock analysis refers to the process of evaluating a stock based on fundamental and technical analysis. On the technical side, you must learn how to read charts. I read chart patterns constantly because I want to see how a stock has performed over weeks, months, or even years. What patterns can I detect in those charts? What might influence forecasted performance?

The most successful firms operate there. You deposit funds into your account and execute trades based on the money available. They often fail to conduct research and are therefore more likely to fall flat on their faces. Stock pickers tell you the stocks in which they think you should invest.

When evaluating penny stocks, you want to look at key indicators to determine whether a stock will perform well in the future. However, there are a few things to look for when trading penny stocks. The positive indicators you want to look for include the following: You also want to look for negative indicators that suggest you should steer clear of a stock or short-sell it: Since penny stocks are thin on fundamentals, technicals take on a far more important role.

Learning how to read chart patterns can make you a better trader. This is something that happens over time. You can learn to read chart patterns but still not really understand them. Think of each stock as a personality. It has its own way of moving depending on the company behind it and external factors.

Regardless of the type of chart you prefer, I recommend looking at a six-month snapshot. Personally, I favor the candlestick. Chart patterns describe how a stock price moves over time — specifically in up and down movements. This is my favorite type of chart. This type of chart has an upward or downward trend with almost no variation.

An extremely clean chart — especially one that remains clean for six to 12 months — often precipitates a steep increase followed by a steep decrease in price. You might have heard the terms bull and bear market. A bull market trends upward, while a bear market trends down.

The same applies to chart patterns. A clean bullish chart shows a steady upward trend. The stock price might fall on occasion, but it jumps right back up — often farther than it was before its brief decline. A clean bearish chart is the exact opposite of the clean bullish chart. It might spike every once in a while, but the downhill pattern is evident from first glance.

It often happens after a steep increase in price. A company might announce new funding, for instance, that excites investors. Clean breakouts and clean breakdowns show that a stock has either broken through resistance or fallen below support respectively.

The chart is clean because the pattern either repeats itself or shows significant pattern repeats prior to the breakout or breakdown. You can identify a cup and handle chart by its shape. After that, the price drops precipitously. I encourage you to look at messy stocks. Their charts are all over the place with no discernible pattern. The stock price might jump for no reason at all, fall a little bit, rise a little bit, fall again, and so on. A messy break down starts with an upward trend.

At first, the chart will look pretty clean and appealing. The pattern becomes extremely messy from there, with dips and increases that have no obvious reason behind them. I created them after watching stock charts for years and better understanding the patterns that play out. The Supernova looks like a stock chart exploded. It might have experienced modest peaks and valleys over several months, then it skyrockets for a short period of time.

If you catch a Supernova, you can easily triple your investment or more. As the name suggests, this stock pattern looks just like a staircase when viewed from the side. It goes up, then flatlines, then goes up again. There might be a few dips along the way, but the stair-stepper pattern repeats. Ignore this stock pattern at all costs. If you start to see a crow pattern, get out immediately to avoid potential losses. Of course you do!

First, you need at least one brokerage account. Second, arm yourself with research. The more, the better. Look at as many stock charts as possible and identify the patterns you see based on what you read in this guide.

Return to this guide over and over again until you can practically recite it verbatim. Third, create your watchlist. If you identify a pattern you think you can play successfully, execute the trade. Watch it carefully, then get out before you could begin to lose money.

In addition to your own list, subscribe to TIMalerts. Fourth and finally, get a trading diary. This is one of the most important assets for any investor. It will help you avoid making the same mistake twice. Plus, it can become a teaching tool if you ever want to help a friend or relative invest in penny stocks. Do you have a penny stock strategy? If not, you need to read on! The most important thing you can do before investing in the penny stock market is create a set of rules for yourself.

We might have different risk tolerances or goals. When you create a rule for yourself, make sure you understand the reasoning behind it. As I said, you might have different rules. These strategies, though, have helped me become a multi-millionaire and have allowed me to teach people how to play this wonderful game.

My goal is to help you profit more than you lose. I need to know what to do thanks. Shew — finally done!!! Thanks Tim for the guide, rules and video briefs and training! I have found it pragmatic and practical. Tim thank you for these honest, itemized, poignant rules! And yes 68 I just got a standing desk so I can be healthier and more alert, especially for those early, early California mornings.

Go watch my new http: You need to find an Actor who does not look so stupid, dimwitted and brain dead! Lot of material here to go over, took a few days actually but SO much good stuff. Looking forward to getting more disciplined next. I put the time in started few mornings this week 4am till 8pm but need to refine my discipline. Going to be reading this next few days to try to get in front of my bad habits: Thanks again for sending me this nugget.

I think it contains pretty much everything needed to be successful. Have a great weekend. Whenever you feel daunted by too much studying, remember the rewards: Be humble or else the stock market will humble you.

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