Dow Jones Industrial Average

This article has been rated as C-Class on the project's quality scale. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a stock market index that charts 30 major publicly traded companies covering several industries in the United States, such as banking and pharmaceuticals.

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In the midst of the decade, the Dow rallied its way above the peak from October On May 3, , the Dow surpassed the 15, mark for the first time before towering above the next few millenary milestones thanks to commendable economic reports. During the late part of the s, despite anticipations of post-election selloffs, the Dow rallied significantly after Donald Trump was elected President. On January 25, , the Dow hit a record high of 20,, an increase of 1, points since his election in November By "fall", the Dow began falling tremendously again for two major reasons: Investing in the DJIA is made widely accessible in equities through exchange-traded funds ETFs as well as in derivatives through option contracts and futures contracts.

Due to the advent of pre-market trading , the ETFs provide a very accurate opening value for the average. Trading is typically carried out in an Open Outcry auction, or over an electronic network such as CME's Globex platform. Dow Futures is one of the most important premarket tool and reflect the mood in which DJIA will open. The divisor is adjusted in case of stock splits, spinoffs or similar structural changes, to ensure that such events do not in themselves alter the numerical value of the DJIA.

Early on, the initial divisor was composed of the original number of component companies; this initially made the DJIA a simple arithmetic average. The present divisor, after many adjustments, is less than one meaning the index is larger than the sum of the prices of the components.

Events such as stock splits or changes in the list of the companies composing the index alter the sum of the component prices. In these cases, in order to avoid discontinuity in the index, the Dow Divisor is updated so that the quotations right before and after the event coincide:. The Dow Divisor was 0. With the current inclusion of only 30 stocks, critics such as Ric Edelman argue that the DJIA is not a very accurate representation of overall market performance.

Still, it is the most cited and most widely recognized of the stock market indices. As of July , Boeing and Goldman Sachs are among the highest priced stocks in the average and therefore have the greatest influence on it. Alternately, Pfizer and Cisco Systems are among the lowest priced stocks in the average and have the least amount of sway in the price movement.

A study between the correlation of components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average compared with the movement of the index finds that the correlation is higher in a time period where the average recedes and goes down. The correlation is lowest in a time when the average is flat or rises a modest amount.

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Retrieved February 11, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved June 2, Retrieved September 10, Apple added to iconic Dow stock index". Retrieved March 6, History of the Dow". Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved on August 16, Economics and the Public Welfare: Retrieved March 4, July 26, …Black Thursday? Archived September 1, , at the Wayback Machine..

Gold Eagle Financial News. Retrieved February 14, Black Thursday on Stock Market. Retrieved March 10, Stocks fall nearly 10 pct Archived May 9, , at the Wayback Machine.. Retrieved May 7, Retrieved May 3, Retrieved July 3, Retrieved December 23, We're in a bear market". Archived from the original on October 1, Click the appropriate tab, button or drop-down list on the chart that displays the time frame you want to view.

For example, if you want to see how the Dow has performed over the previous six months, select the six month tab or button. The chart displays the trend and trading volume for the time period, such as an upward trend or accumulation phase, which displays the line on the chart moving in an upward direction. By viewing the chart at different time periods, you can see if the Dow is moving in a general downward trend or distribution phase, or an upward trend.

The line on the chart gives a visual representation of the volume of trading taking place on the Dow. Click on the stock symbol of a company in the Dow to view its trends. The companies are usually listed under the main chart or you can enter the symbol in the appropriate "Symbol" or "Ticker" box to display the company's detailed information and chart. Right now, they are very misleading. According to the article the dow has been funded in but there is a image that shows historic dow-rates back to General Electric has been in the Dow since its inception in but is not listed so in the table or in the article as a whole.

Also, there's isn't any references for any of the dates these companies were added I suggest that we discuss a bit about how to record the new highs being set for the DJI.

I think that it is appropriate to have a permanent note of when the old high was passed, on March 5. Whether we have a permanent note of each successive new high, I am indifferent, but I think that we should pay attention to what this will look like for years in the future.

Of course, we don't know what wobbles there will be, but we already know that March 5 is no longer an all-time high, nor is March 6, and it appears that March 7 is did not set an inter-day high. I don't have a good suggestion for the wording, but let's talk this over, rather than just making conflicting edits.

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As an example of needed clarification, the following text in the introduction confuses more than it clarifies; it uses the term "divisor" yet offers no explanation for "divisor". Of course a number is divided by a divisor; ALL numbers that are divided have been divided by a divisor, but what IS that divisor, specifically?

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