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BİST Endeksi günü yüzde 0,83 değer kazancı ile puandan tamamladı. Toplam işlem hacmi 5 milyar TL olarak gerçekleti. TCMB ağırlıklı ortalama fonlama maliyeti dün, yüzde 24,00 düzeyinde gerçekleşti. Yurtiçi gösterge tahvil getirisi yüzde 0,31 yükseliş ile yüzde 19,67 ve On yıllık tahvil getirisi yüzde 1,57 yükseliş ile birlikte yüzde 16,80 düzeyinde.

With few job prospects and fewer places to go, what will the staff do when the restaurant shuts down in twenty days? When Soleimani's employees learn he's been talking to a real estate agent, they suspect bad news is coming, and soon he confirms their worst fears: More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 2 The Flash:

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Borsa Istanbul's BIST index climbed 1, points from previous close while it started Friday at 87, points. The U.S. dollar/Turkish lira exchange rate was at daily close, while one U.S. dollar traded for Turkish liras at Thursday's close.

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