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Shield bug posing on a leaf, Sandy, Bedfordshire Shieldbug eggs SG Shieldbug family leaving home BG Sloe shieldbug SG In , the city was invaded by the Mongol Empire. On the eve of World War I, Nusaybin had a small Armenian community of some 90 people, along with a large Jewish population numbering As agreed upon by French and Turkish authorities after World War I, the border between Turkey and Syria would follow the line of the Baghdad Railway until Nusaybin, after which the border would follow the path of a contested Roman road leading to Cizre.

Nusaybin was a place on the transit routes of Syrian Jews leaving the country after Upon reaching Turkey, after a route that took them through Aleppo and the Jazira sometimes with the help of Bedouin smugglers, most headed for Israel. Nusaybin made headlines in when villagers near Kuru uncovered a mass grave, suspected of belonging to Ottoman Armenians and Arameans. The Turkish Interior Ministry looked into dissolving Nusaybin's city council in because the body sought to use Arabic, Armenian, Aramaic, and Kurdish on signposts in the town, in addition to Turkish.

Construction of the wall stopped as a result of this and other protests. Two civilians and ten PKK fighters were killed by security forces. This rendered 30, citizens homeless and caused a mass evacuation of tens of thousands of residents to neighboring towns and villages. Over 6, houses were bulldozed. After demolition was completed in March , over one hundred apartment towers were built in its place. The Turkish government offered to compensate homeowners twelve percent of the value of their destroyed house if they agreed to certain relocation conditions.

Nusaybin is immediately north of the border with Syria , opposite the Syrian city of Qamishli. The Jaghjagh River flows through both cities. The border between Qamishli and Turkey is filled with land mines, with a total of some , having been placed between the countries in the s as part of Turkey's efforts to protect NATO's southeastern edge. Nusaybin has a semi-arid climate with extremely hot summers and cool winters.

Rainfall is generally sparse. Nusaybin is predominantly Kurdish. The city's population has close ties with the neighboring town of Qamishli and cross-border marriages are a common practice. The Roman Catholic Church has established no less than four successor titular archbishoprics , for various rites — one Latin and four Eastern Catholic for particular churches sui iuris.

They are included in the Catholic Church 's list of titular see of archiepiscopal rank notably for the Chaldean Catholic Church and the Maronite Catholic Church. Established in the 18th century as Titular Archiepiscopal see of Nisibis informally Nisibis of the Romans. It has been vacant for several decades, having previously had the following incumbents, all of the intermediary archiepiscopal rank:. Armenian Catholic titular see: It was suppressed in , having had a single incumbent, of the intermediary archiepiscopal rank:.

Chaldean Catholic titular see: Established as Titular Archiepiscopal see of Nisibis informally Nisibis of the Chaldeans in the late 19th century, suppressed in , restored in It is vacant, having had a single incumbent of the intermediary archiepiscopal rank:.

Nusaybin is served by the E90 roadway and other roads to surrounding towns. The Nusaybin Railway Station is served by 2 trains per day. The closest airport is the Kamishly Airport 5 kilometers south from Nusaybin, located in Qamishli in Syria. The closest Turkish airport is the Mardin Airport , 55 kilometers northwest of Nusaybin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Nisibis disambiguation.

Place in Mardin, Turkey. Retrieved 13 November Accessed 18 Dec Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 April — via Google Books. Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 1 April The Clash of Ideologies.

Laskier, and Sara Reguer Dicle Haber in Turkish. Özgür Gündem in Turkish. The New York Times. Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 30 December Elektronik Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi. Nusaybin in Mardin Province of Turkey. List of provinces by region.

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