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The pictures are great! The oak leaves and acorns are to illustrate the tradition of the Hellig sacred oak that was so prodigiously important to these ancients. Categorized patent abstract April Standard ST. Archived from the original on 18 March

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Physical characteristics of patent documents October Standard ST. Minimum of indexes to be inserted in patent gazettes December Standard ST. Preparation of abstracts of patent documents April Standard ST. Abstracts of patent documents April Standard ST. Categorized patent abstract April Standard ST. Physical characteristics of separately published abstracts April Standard ST.

References cited in patent documents May Standard ST. Titles of inventions in patent documents December Standard ST. Identification of different kinds of patent documents October Standard ST.

Coding of headings of announcements made in official gazettes December Standard ST. Patent gazettes and other patent announcement journals November Standard ST. Name indexes to patent documents December Standard ST. Reduction of volume of priority documents April Standard ST.

Presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings December Standard ST. Character sets for the exchange of patent documents October Standard ST. Data exchange of facsimile information of patent documents February Standard ST. Recording of application numbers in electronic form May Standard ST.

Bibliographic data relating to marks Nov Standard ST. Content and layout of trademark gazettes November Standard ST. Search files for trademark search May Standard ST. In an administrative context the term kyrios would thus refer to a man holding a certain high political office.

Yet the entire Arabic historiography of the pre-Islamic and early Islamic period belongs to a tradition that cannot be uncritically employed because it compiles material from a repeatedly broken chain of transmission. The rise of the Sasanians. Consequently, the Sasanian drive for independence seems closely related to the Roman-Parthian conflicts during the times of Septimus Severus r.

However, these Sasanian attempts should not be interpreted as symptoms of a political disintegration process of the late Parthian empire. Interesting post-Achaemenid evidence is preserved at Persepolis, where some graffiti were engraved with very thin lines on the limestone blocks of the Harem of Xerxes and of the Tachara.

Although the depicted figures cannot be clearly identified, they may very probably date to the period of the sub-Parthian kings of Persis. If the thesis of a particularly autonomous and independent role of this regnum within the Parthian empire is abandoned, as has already been done for the Seleucid period, the interpretation of the sources would change: The successful Parthian rule of southwestern Iran aimed at preserving the loyalty of the dynasts and the population, and combined privileges, a degree of autonomy, and tolerance for cultural independence with a probably strict supervision of garrisons etc.

The early Sasanians fit in this picture: They are in many regards, despite their differing political and ideological orientations, correctly characterized as the heirs of the Parthians. Alram, Nomina Propria Iranica in Nummis: Materialgrundlagen zu den iranischen Personennamen auf antiken Münzen , Iranisches Personennamenbuch 4,Vienna, Paris-Berlin-Wien 1, Vienna, Studies Presented to B.

A Comprehensive Catalogue , by A. Houghton and Catharine Lorber, 2 parts in 4 vols. Müseler, Statthalter, Rebellen, Könige: Meshiha Zekha, Die Chronik von Arbela , ed. Kawerau, Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum , 2 vols. The Periplus Maris Erythraei: Text with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary , by L.

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