Bloomberg also provides a homepage for generating trade ideas in the foreign exchange markets. This page provides further access to customizable market monitors, chart and graph packages, and.

MAB - Mars Argus vs. The commonly used measure of sulfur content is API gravity , is a measure of how heavy or light a petroleum liquid is compared to water. Stock Markets World Bank sees global growth slowing in It is primarily refined in Northwest Europe, and is the major benchmark for other crude oils in Europe or Africa. LO - Crude Oil Options.

Commodity indices offers free real time quotes, portfolio, streaming charts, financial news, live stock market data and more.

May sets out new long-term NHS plan Jan 08, Paid Post - Investing in future leaders Jan 08, IBM develops quantum computing system Jan 08, Jay Powell hints Fed open to pause Jan 06, Scottish islands aim to launch world's first hydrogen-powered Jan 06, Spain sees soaring migrant arrivals Jan 06, Jan 04, How China Plans to Grade Its 1.

Trump says US cannot have border security without a wall Jan 03, C - Corn Futures. C - Corn Options. O - Oats Futures. O - Oats Options. S - Soybean Futures.

S - Soybean Options. Low Sulphur Gasoil Futures. AA - Spot Butter. AD - Australian Dollar Futures. B7 - Gasoil 0. B8 - Gasoil 0. BP - British Pound Futures.

BR - Brazilian Real Futures. BR - Brazilian Real Options. CB - Cash-settled Butter Futures. CB - Cash-settled Butter Options. CD - Canadian Dollar Futures. CJ - Cocoa Futures. CL - Crude Oil Futures. CY - Brent Financial Futures. CZ - Czech Koruna Futures. CZ - Czech Koruna Options.

DB - Brent Crude Oil vs. Dubai Crude Oil Platts Futures. DY - Dry Whey Futures. DY - Dry Whey Options. E0 - Eurodollar 1yr MC Options. E2 - Eurodollar 2yr MC Options. E3 - Eurodollar 3yr MC Options. E4 - Eurodollar 4yr MC Options. E5 - Argus LLS vs. E5 - Eurodollar 5yr MC Options. ED - Eurodollar Futures. ED - Eurodollar Options. EH - Ethanol Futures. EH - Ethanol Options. EM - 1 Month Eurodollar Futures. EM - 1 Month Eurodollar Options. FC - Feeder Cattle Futures. FC - Feeder Cattle Options.

FR - Hungarian Forint Futures. FR - Hungarian Forint Options. GA - Singapore Gasoil Platts vs. GC - Gold Futures. HG - Copper Futures. HX - Copper Options. IS - Israeli Shekel Futures. IS - Israeli Shekel Options. J7 - E-mini Japanese Yen Futures. JY - Japanese Yen Futures. KB - Spot Cheese Blocks. KR - European 3. KT - Coffee Futures.

LC - Live Cattle Futures. LC - Live Cattle Options. LN - Lean Hog Futures. LN - Lean Hog Options. LO - Crude Oil Options. Ethanol As of Jan 08 Palladium As of Jan 08 Copper As of Jan 08 Silver oz As of Jan 07 Iron ore As of Jan 01 Platinum As of Jan 08 Gold oz As of Jan 08 Coffee Arabica As of Jan 08 Orange Juice As of Jan 08 Sugar 11 As of Jan 08 Coffee Robusta As of Jan 08 White Sugar As of Jan 08 Cattle As of Jan 08 Corn As of Jan 08

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