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In Switzerland, the signs are on relaxation! Cannabis medicines for patients are available only with the exception of authorisation. That's what the bundesrat wants to change. A project that seems urgently necessary for him: Rudolf Cauteries, professor of pharmacy and founder of the swiss working group for cannabinoids in medicine, said on the edge of the Congress held in Bern on Saturday, We're rooting for all swiss patients y cannabisalsmedizin medizinalhanf cannabisaufrezept schweiz cbd cannabidiol cannabinoide schmerzpatienten chronischeschmerzen chronischerkrankungen cannabis cbdgegenschmerzen cultiva cannabiscongress sacm cultivacannabiscongress brenneisen rudolfbrenneisen Translated.

Cultiva Cannabis Congress January 21 at 2: That's what the Federal Council wants to change according to A project that seems urgently necessary for him: Cannabis als Arzneimittel - Die Regeln sollen gelockert werden.

Das will der Bundesrat ändern. Cultiva Hanfmesse January 16 at 4: Für manche Menschen ist es so selbstverständlich wie die tägliche Dusche oder das morgendliche Zähneputzen — das Ölziehen, am besten mir Hanföl. Was auf den ersten Blick wie ein neuer Trend aus der Wellnessbranche anmutet, ist in Wahrheit eine jahrtausendealte Methode aus der indischen Gesun Cultiva Hanfmesse shared their post.

January 16 at 2: Cultiva Hanfmesse shared a link to the event: Diese Lebensmittel werden wir essen. Nicht nur in der Mode dreht sich das Karussell immer schneller — auch beim Essen folgt ein Trend dem nächsten. Cultiva Hanfmesse updated their cover photo. January 14 at 2: Magazin There is a lot of information about the productive and herb cannabis - not all are correct, not all are facts and some are also transfigured myths.

Cultiva Cannabis Congress shared Grow! Magazin 's post to the event: Cultiva Cannabis Congress Magazin January 11 at 8: Cannabis-Irrtümer und -Mythen … und ihre Entlarvung Im Zuge der allmählichen Popularisierung des Cannabis kommen immer wieder auch ältere und neuere Mythen aufs Cannabis errors and myths An article from the grow! Issue You can find the complete article here: Cultiva Hanfmesse January 13 at After the full legalization of cannabis in Uruguay and Canada last year, which made the world look for attention, Mexico could now move in In the near future, the comprehensive legalization of cannabis seems to be a reality.

Als nächstes werden sich jetzt alle Augen auf Mexiko richten. Denn dort scheint die umfassende Legalisierung von Cannabis zum greifen nahe. Vermutlich wird der künftige Umgang mit Canna January 11 at 4: Cultiva Cannabis Congress January 11 at 2: At the end of , the ministry of health presented its report on the examination of the liberalisation of cannabis for medical purposes - one of which was The list now extends to a parliamentary request on Friday A very legitimate criticism, especially dr.

Likar jointly offer a training to can nabi medicine for said companies. Kritik an Experten für Cannabis-Bericht des Gesundheitsministeriums. Zwei Forscher hätten ein Naheverhältnis zu dem Pharmakonzern Bionorica, kritisiert die Liste Jetzt und bringt eine parlamentarische Anfrage ein. January 3 at 4: Cultiva Cannabis Congress January 3 at 3: In , the new zealanders plan to hold a referendum on the full legalization of cannabis as a recreational.

Learn more about zeit. Neuseeländer stimmen über die Legalisierung von Cannabis ab. Ein Referendum zur Legalisierung von Marihuana soll parallel zur nächsten neuseeländischen Parlamentswahl stattfinden. Die Opposition kritisiert den Zeitpunkt. January 2 at 4: Cultiva Hanfmesse shared Franjo Grotenhermen 's post. In contrast to many other countries where cannabis in particular the flower has already been released for medical purposes, Austria proposes another way. The question arises why there are no sufficient scientific facts in Austria.

Franjo Grotenhermen December 30, at 9: Alles bleibt beim Alten Kleine Zeitung, Österreich. Cultiva Hanfmesse December 31, at 1: Cultiva Hanfmesse] and the [ Cultiva Hanfmesse December 28, at 2: Peter Kolba says, " this is the ministry of the ministry. Others will be identified. Patients would be forced to order CBD via the internet or grow themselves, the sale of m recipes with CBD in pharmacies remains intact but by restrictions on the market, the products would be more expensive.

Alex Kristen, owner of flowery field gmbh with 40 employees in Italy, in the decree "no deeper logic, except political arbitrariness". The business is therefore only to damage the local producers and traders.

Austria, with its restrictive hanfpolitik, goes a different way than other countries. Only in November, UK medical cannabis, as a whole, is 20 countries in Europe. While other authorities refer to studies indicating that cannabis ingredients can ease pain in cancer, nausea after chemotherapy or spas in multiple sclerosis, the ages mention some of these possibilities, but it complements them with the note: Here's the whole article of the Vienna Newspaper: Restriktive Hanfpolitik in Frage gestellt.

Cultiva Hanfmesse December 27, at That's what we call a great gift to the people of the year! D The Thai Parliament has released marijuana for medical purposes. The decision fell unanimously. Thailand is the first state in Asia to use cannabis for medicine and research. A member of the house said that the amendment was a reason to the population. The law should help people with chronic pain.

The Government must now determine how to regulate cultivation. Plans for full release of marijuana in Thailand are not available right now. Trade and possession of marijuana have been severely punished in Thailand. Thailand stimmt für Cannabis als Medizin - Leafly Deutschland. Thailand legalisiert Cannabis als Medizin. A Bill allowing terminally ill people to use cannabis was adopted at third reading in the parliament of New Zealand.

The Cannabis law was supported by labour, green party and New Zealand first. The law also includes the introduction of a licensing programme for research, cultivation and export of medical cannabis products.

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