Nicolaus Zinzendorf

The intermediate value theorem is an immediate consequence of these two properties of connectedness: Ancestors of Nicolaus Zinzendorf Nicolaus Ludwig, Count von Zinzendorf [13]

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Lösungen für den Führungsalltag. Ziele setzen — Delegieren — Motivieren. Souverän entscheiden — besser führen. Motivation — Kommunikation — Zeitmanagement. He taught that the Savior had a relationship with each believer, but a different level of relationship with the Gemeinde. Decisions on interpretation of Scripture were to be made communally, not individually.

He believed it was the Gemeinde , not the ecclesiastical and political institution, that was truly the Church of Jesus Christ. Zinzendorf's theology strongly included the emotional life of the believer as well as the intellectual. His thought and practice was radically ecumenical in a world of rigidly defined religious and political boundaries. He believed each denomination had a unique perception of Christ, and a unique gift to offer the world.

He met and had profound personal relationships with religious leaders ranging from Cardinal Louis Antoine de Noailles , the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Paris to John Potter , the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, both of whom became members of Zinzendorf's Order of the Grain of Mustard Seed, pledging to use their positions of power to serve Christ. Zinzendorf often worked to have denominations work together and respect one another. In , he advocated respect for the Saturday Sabbath keeping among the German speaking Christians in Philadelphia citing the use of that day by the Ephrata Cloister, thus promoting the first practice of the two-day weekend in America.

He also used Sunday for preaching the Gospel. The community in Herrnhut, from which almost all these colonies had been sent out, had no money of its own, and Zinzendorf had almost exclusively furnished its expenses. His frequent journeys from home made it almost impossible for him to look after his private affairs; he was compelled from time to time to raise money by loans , and about was almost reduced to bankruptcy. This led to the establishment of a financial board among the Brethren, on a plan furnished by a lawyer, John Frederick Köber, which worked well.

Christian Renatus, whom Zinzendorf had hoped to make his successor, died in and the loss devastated him. Four years later, on 17 June , his wife, Erdmuthe Dorothea, who had been his counselor and confidante in all his work, died. On 27 June Zinzendorf married Anna Caritas Nitschmann 24 November — 21 May , with whom he had been very close for many years.

Anna had for years been spiritual leader of the women of the movement. The marriage was not publicized broadly since Anna was a commoner, and would have been extremely controversial.

Three years later, overcome with his labours, he fell ill and died on 9 May , leaving Bishop Johannes von Watteville, who had married his eldest daughter Benigna, to take his place at the head of the community. Anna Zinzendorf died 12 days after her husband. He wrote a large number of hymns, of which the best-known are "Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness" and "Jesus, still lead on".

A selection of his Sermons was published by Gottfried Clemens in 10 vols. A four-part documentary series, Count Zinzendorf was produced in by Comenius Foundation with the assistance of the Christian History Institute. Zinzendorf and the Moravians follows the story of the first Moravian missionaries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Nikolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf. For other uses, see Zinzendorf disambiguation. It has been suggested that Anna Nitschmann be merged into this article.

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Otto Henry Count von Zinzendorf-Pottendorf Maria Judith von Liechtenstein-Feldsberg 4. Maximilian Erasmus Count vonZinzendorf-Pottendorf Christoph William von Zelking 9. Anna Apollonia von Zelking George Ludwig Count von Zinzendorf-Pottendorf Bartholomaus von Dietrichstein-Hollenburg Christian von Dietrichstein-Hollenburg Elisabeth Joel von Franking, Heiress of Riedau? Anna Amalia von Dietrichstein Maria Elisabeth von Khevenhüller of Aichelberg Crescentia von Stubenberg ?

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