Alternative Democratic Reform Party

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The results put the ADR back into fourth place, but the Greens managed to hold on to their seat in the simultaneous European elections. One of ADR's hallmark positions is its euroscepticism , and it is the only eurosceptic party in the Chamber of Deputies.

However, on 1 May, Aly Jaerling left the party to sit as an independent in the Chamber of Deputies, complaining of the move away from campaigning for pensions. In the Chamber election , the ADR held on to four seats of which, 2 in Sud , but with a reduced vote share of 8. Jaerling, running for his own Citizens' List , failed to win a seat in either. This had been in spite of strong pre-election polling, the difference likely to be attributable to the financial crisis pushing voters to more familiar parties.

However, they did manage to regain one seat, having fallen to only two MPs after the defections of Jacques-Yves Henckes and Jean Colombera. The former sat out the legislative period as an independent, the latter founded the Party for Full Democracy. Roy Reding regained the mandate in the Centre district, putting the party back at 3 mandates. During the Constitutional Referendum Campaign of , the ADR was the only party to explicitly campaign for the "3 x No" vote, thereby rejecting the opening of the right to vote for 16 year-olds and foreign residents, as well as rejecting the idea of limiting minister mandates to 10 years.

This campaign was in stark contrast to the campaign of the largest party, the CSV, whose main message was to "be informed" when voting. The cooperation agreement involved Wee having up to 8 places on the ADR's electoral lists for the legislative election of October , and ensured that the movement could remain relatively independent by not requiring the Wee candidates to be members of the ADR per se.

The party was founded as a single-issue party, to introduce equality between private and public sector pensions. The focus on pension reform allowed it to make it the core campaign issue of all five elections in the first ten years of its formation. The party is a supporter of economic liberalism , having positioned itself to fill a void left by the Democratic Party. It is opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The party is marked out from the other parties by being Eurosceptic , [28] sharing this position with only the far left , [29] and being the country's most sovereigntist party. In however it received its highest share of the vote in the Est constituency. Due to the party's original purpose of pension equality, the party's electoral base is pensioners.

However, disproportionately many people under the age of 24 also see the ADR in a positive light. Its three current deputies are given in bold. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alternative Democratic Reform Party. Politics of Luxembourg Political parties Elections. Xavier Bettel Deputy Prime Minister: Chamber of Deputies President: Chamber circonscriptions Recent elections General: Retrieved 14 October Parties and Elections in Europe.

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