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View TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation AMTD investment & stock information. Get the latest TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation AMTD detailed stock quotes, stock data, Real .

For long-term investing and retirement-related content, I prefer Fidelity Viewpoints and Schwab Insights. Once a data set is loaded, it can be tweaked and customized, whichever way the user desires.

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Let's work together to help you find a retirement solution. Browse our exclusive videos, test drive our tools and trading platforms, and listen to our webcasts to help create the retirement strategy that makes sense for you.

When it comes to getting the support you need, our team is yours. We'll work hard to find a solution that fits your retirement goals. Home Retirement Retirement Offering. Take 15 minutes and open an IRA. Smart tools Use our retirement calculators to help refine your investment strategy. Know your fees The k fee analyzer tool powered by FeeX will show you how much you're currently paying in fees on your old k. Support to match your unique financial goals. Goal Planning Schedule a complimentary goal planning session with a Financial Consultant to discuss, set and evaluate your goals.

Guidance We offer investment guidance tailored to your needs. Education Browse our exclusive videos, test drive our tools and trading platforms, and listen to our webcasts to help create the retirement strategy that makes sense for you. Service When it comes to getting the support you need, our team is yours. Both FRED data and the new earnings analysis experience launched in are two examples of many where TD Ameritrade continues to innovate and push the envelope of what is available for traders.

For casual and active traders, earnings analysis with thinkorswim is truly a work of art. On highly volatile and active trading days when there would be a large influx of clients using the system, thinkorswim would lag noticeably — sometimes for lengthy periods. Growing pains are no fun, and while it took longer than customers had hoped for, thinkorswim addressed them all.

Thanks to the thinkorswim reskin in , alongside important infrastructure updates in both and , thinkorswim hums along with no trouble at all. In , active traders can be confident relying on thinkorswim to provide a seamless experience, regardless of the market environment. Platform thinkorswim aside, TD Ameritrade also has a web-based platform, Trade Architect, which is designed with more casual investors in mind.

The tools and functionality are purposely kept simple, and the layout is clean with visual flare. However, there is one major drawback: Trade Architect is flash-based. Flash is an outdated web technology no longer supported by major browsers. With flash enabled in my Chrome browser, everything ran smoothly, bug-free. TD Ameritrade Trade Architect. From testing every broker, the streaming watch list functionality Trade Architect offers is one of my favorites.

It isn't just the superb layout, but also the flexibility, ease of use, and depth of data available. That said, watch lists on Trade Architect sync with the website but not thinkorswim, which can be a minor annoyance if you use both platforms. TD Ameritrade Trade Architect watchlist. The bottom line is simple: To score Customer Service, StockBrokers.

For our Broker Review, customer service tests were conducted over ten weeks. The data collected is institutional grade and sets the current industry benchmarks. When I pulled up a quote for Apple AAPL , I found a clean spread of relevant data, including seven different third-party research reports to choose from and read, which is the third highest number in the industry Fidelity offers The featured research report provider is ResearchTeam, which combines five research providers into one.

TD Ameritrade research stock quote. Providing customers quality research is an extremely competitive challenge. Broadcasting is live each day from 7: Available to all investors, the network is especially pertinent for current customers, as thinkorswim is the primary platform used and given its depth of functionality, I welcomed any additional exposure to learning platform functionality.

For live broadcasting, TD Ameritrade leads the industry currently thanks to its daily broadcasts. Content is widespread, covering the day-to-day markets as well as general finance, saving, retirement, and trader education.

TD Ameritrade thinkMoney magazine. On the whole, TD Ameritrade does a nice job with its articles. They tend to lean more towards an audience of traders over, say, long-term investors. This is especially true with education. For stock and options trading, TD Ameritrade is great. For long-term investing and retirement-related content, I prefer Fidelity Viewpoints and Schwab Insights. First, there is the Social Signals tab and the Peer Comparison tab.

Powered by LikeFolio, Social Signals displays both a real-time streaming feed of algorithmically filtered brand-relevant tweets — which I found much better than seeing a list of recent StockTwits tweets — and a summary chart of the most-tweeted brands.

In thinkorswim, the data can be charted for more in-depth analysis, which I preferred over just viewing the raw data on the website. TD Ameritrade social sentiment. Neat peer comparisons are not easy to do, which is where TD Ameritrade stands out. Metrics included in the table are relevant and pruned to the most important.

Social Signals data is also tied in. While useful, there is no way to build your own side-by-side comparison table, say a table of just the FAANG stocks, for example, which is disappointing. Fortunately, custom side-by-side comparisons are possible for both ETFs and mutual funds.

TD Ameritrade peer comparison. Speaking of clean design, in late TD Ameritrade launched an Income Estimator tool, which I immediately gravitated to as my portfolio is currently overweight high-quality dividend stocks. The tool is self-explanatory, just import your portfolio holdings or enter custom positions to view a complete income breakdown. TD Ameritrade Income Estimator. Stock analysis aside, I also enjoyed the on-site charting functionality.

I could even pop out the chart into its own window to expand it across my inch monitor. The only downside to the experience is the lack of panning flexibility and zooming on the chart itself. Upgrading to a full HTML 5 charting package down the road would resolve this minor drawback.

TD Ameritrade stock chart. For the price customers pay per trade, excellent research should be expected. When all 60 variables for Research are considered, TD Ameritrade lacks only two features: Impressive, to say the least. TD Ameritrade was one of the first brokers to offer an Alexa Skill, and in August it became the first broker to integrate with Facebook Messenger, embracing the future of artificial intelligence AI with its own chatbot.

The site-wide quote bar streams real-time quotes — functionality that Charles Schwab, ETRADE, and Fidelity do not offer — and includes SnapTicket, a quick trade extension that allows stock and option orders to be placed from any page on the site.

TD Ameritrade also offers a fully customizable sidebar, My Dock, which allows clients to display up to 13 different modules. Modules can be resorted or placed into separate columns, allowing clients with wide-screen monitors to maximize their workflow.

While clean and easy to use, I found myself leaving the sidebar collapsed and hidden away. Despite having a inch monitor capable of maximizing the experience, I found it to be a distraction. TD Ameritrade My Dock. After many hours of testing and comparing, I found two disappointing items that stood out: The My Account Overview experience and adding additional accounts. The default My Account page is data rich but poorly laid out and I found it to be a poor launching pad into my usual workflow.

Enabling My Dock in the sidebar did little to patch the user experience. TD Ameritrade my account overview. For managing multiple accounts, I found that each new account I created required a completely new username and password. Once established and logged in, I could then link the new account to my primary user ID.

This is a subtle difference from other brokers where you can simply create and add a new brokerage account to your same ID with no trouble. However, for clients with multiple accounts, it can be a confusing experience first time through.

Back to the benefits of being a TD Ameritrade customer, the broker is continuously innovating and embracing new technologies. As I write this review, supported functionality includes quotes, account management including transfers , stocks and ETFs trading, weekly market recap videos, and educational videos. TD Ameritrade Facebook Messenger stock quote. With mobile trading, TD Ameritrade took a different approach by offering not one, but two smartphone apps: Both apps are supported across the full-spectrum, iOS and Android devices alike.

Having two separate apps has its pros and cons. On the pros side, the apps can hone in on their individual target users and provide a specific experience.

On the cons side, it is easy to confuse the two apps initially and not know which one is right for you. TD Ameritrade mobile stock quote. The best way to think of Mobile Trader is to think of thinkorswim, in app form. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader stock quote. Advanced charting in Mobile Trader, with all technical studies available on thinkorswim, is available alongside a full array of order options.

An incredibly smooth interface for advanced equities trades as well as a seamless experience for complex options trades are compelling features. Complex options, futures, and forex are all only supported in Mobile Trader. Regardless, the combination of effective design and advanced trader functionality is the best in the industry.

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