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That certainly would be an incredible return given the power of compounding. The problem is, leveraged ETFs experience value decay over time.

This is because of daily resets. As the underlying index fluctuates up and down daily, the leveraged returns gradually decline to the point that, if held over weeks or months, many of these ETFs will actually be negative while the underlying benchmark index is flat or positive.

You can even choose some volatile periods over the last year to compare a leveraged ETF with its underlying index. The findings are eye-opening. They have a listed strategy, they represent a basket of stocks or commodities, they have an expense ratio, and people are excited about them.

ETNs are subject to solvency risk of the issuing company. Remember when investment banks were folding left and right during the financial collapse? Many of the strategies employed by these ETFs sound alluring, but over time, they often perform no better than a simple benchmark index ETF.

This could cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your order. This dramatically increases the risk of the investment due to the lack of liquidity.

What has your experience been investing in these financial instruments? Learn More about considerations for geared investing. The figure reflects dividends and interest earned by the securities held by the fund during the most recent day period, net the fund's expenses. Duration is a measurement of how long, in years, it takes for the price of a bond to be repaid by its internal cash flows.

Modified duration accounts for changing interest rates. It measures the sensitivity of the value of a bond or bond portfolio to a change in interest rates. Higher duration means greater sensitivity. The weighted average maturity WAM of a portfolio is the average time, in years, it takes for the bonds in a bond fund or portfolio to mature. WAM is calculated by weighting each bond's time to maturity by the size of the holding.

Portfolios with longer WAMs are generally more sensitive to changes in interest rates. Yield to maturity YTM is the annual rate of return paid on a bond if it is held until the maturity date. Weighted average yield to maturity represents an average of the YTM of each of the bonds held in a bond fund or portfolio, weighted by the relative size of each bond in the portfolio. A coupon is the interest rate paid out on a bond on an annual basis.

The weighted average coupon of a bond fund is arrived at by weighting the coupon of each bond by its relative size in the portfolio. Weighted average price WAP is computed for most bond funds by weighting the price of each bond by its relative size in the portfolio. This statistic is expressed as a percentage of par face value. The price shown here is "clean," meaning it does not reflect accrued interest. Monthly volatility refers to annualized standard deviation, a statistical measure that captures the variation of returns from their mean and that is often used to quantify the risk of a fund or index over a specific time period.

The higher the volatility, the more the returns fluctuate over time. Absolute return strategies seek to provide positive returns in a wide variety of market conditions. These strategies employ investment techniques that go beyond conventional long-only investing, including leverage, short selling, futures, options, etc.

Arbitrage refers to the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the price of identical or similar financial instruments, on different markets or in different forms.

For example, convertible arbitrage looks for price differences among linked securities, like stocks and convertible bonds of the same company. Merger arbitrage involves investing in securities of companies that are the subject of some form of corporate transaction, including acquisition or merger proposals and leveraged buyouts.

Commodity refers to a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Examples include oil, grain and livestock. Correlation is a statistical measure of how two variables relate to each other.

Two different investments with a correlation of 1. The higher the correlation, the lower the diversifying effect. Currency refers to a generally accepted medium of exchange, such as the dollar, the euro, the yen, the Swiss franc, etc. Market neutral is a strategy that involves attempting to remove all directional market risk by being equally long and short. Futures refers to a financial contract obligating the buyer to purchase an asset or the seller to sell an asset , such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future date and price.

Global macro strategies aim to profit from changes in global economies that are typically brought about by shifts in government policy, which impact interest rates and in turn affect currency, bond and stock markets. Hedge funds invest in a diverse range of markets and securities, using a wide variety of techniques and strategies, all intended to reduce risk while focusing on absolute rather than relative returns. It is a matter of standards and what message the school deems acceptable and is willing to sponsor.

Looks like my preferred candidate is going to get the job. He has a history of exemplary service in the field of space exploration, and he is superbly qualified for the job. If he is chosen as expected, Bolden, a veteran of four spaceflights with more than hours in Earth orbit, would be the first African-American appointed to NASA's top post.

Bolden retired from the Marine Corps in as a major general. I certainly wish Bolden and the space agency well. An interesting take on this move can be found at Bay Area Houston. The company has previously run into trouble taking inspiration from the Obama family. The company released two dolls resembling the Obama children as part of its Ty Girlz collection but retired the names "Marvelous Malia" and "Sweet Sasha" after Michelle Obama said using her daughters' names was inappropriate.

Charles, and he sold out quickly, owner Aalap Shah said Wednesday. He was very popular. We can't wait to get some more in. Do we really need to create little Obama idols at every opportunity? But this is simply one more aspect of Obama over-exposure.

It is black letter law, dating back to the Clinton Administration -- states that give in-state tuition to illegal aliens must also give it to all American citizens, regardless of the state in which they reside. The 42 plaintiffs say California state lawmakers and the University of California board of regents knowingly violated a federal law enacted in that says any state that offers discounted in-state tuition to its illegal aliens must provide the same lower rates to all U.

California has a "unique" statute barring discrimination on the basis of geographic origin, said lead attorney Michael J. I don't see how we get to that figure for damages, unless the statute allows for punitive damages significanty beyond actual damages. But the really interesting issue is that the state of California really has no defense to offer due to the history of the statute in question.

Brady said administrators of the University of California system also recognized that the state law was invalid, and they refused to implement it unless they were "given immunity. Even after it was vetoed on the grounds it was illegal, the legislature passed the bill again.

And after the schools pointed out that the law put them at risk, the legislature attempted to immunize them from liability -- something that I don't see as possible given that state law is trumped by federal law in this instance. Any court would be bound to strike down the immunity statute as well, for the state cannot ban damages from federal lawsuits. More corruption from the camp of Jack Murtha, whose corruption has been a national scandal for decades even as he has been embraced by leading Democrats.

Asked if Murtha is trying to bully him out of a rematch, Russell said: Russell was on active duty for a three-month period -- from April to July -- of his campaign for Congress last year. But he said he did not campaign during that period, as Hugya was suggesting, and so did not violate military code that prohibits doing so. Steering contracts to donors and family members. Threatening to subvert the military justice system to punish political opponents.

What would Democrats do if a Republican were to engage in such a long record of misconduct? And when will the people of his district send such a corrupt figure into a disgraced retirement?

Speculation is that Helen Thomas served as the model for this Stone Age figure during her late teenage years. A frontrunner for the post, Judge Sonia Sotomayor of U. It is one of the more compelling aspects to an already compelling biography.

And while hardly a debilitating disease -- indeed, recent medical advancements have made it quite manageable to live with -- there remain enough late-in-life health implications to have sparked debate in legal, political and medical circles.

Just how relevant are medical issues to Sotomayor's or any other potential Supreme Court nomination? It would be irresponsible for any president not to make the health of the nominee a major subject of concern, because presidents want decades of service from their nominees. Added another political operative who has worked on judicial nominations in the past: I think it is just obvious It is part of who we are. And so I think you find that there is almost in this day and age, there is almost no area of inquiry that is out of bounds.

Perhaps, but only to the degree that there is any evidence that she is suffering from some seriously debilitating effects of the disease. As a Type Two diabetic, I know that there are possible complications to both forms of our disease, and that these potential future complications can be serious or even life threatening.

This has destroyed my life, my career. The lawsuit, which asks for Serodio's reinstatement at the school and monetary damages, named the Newark-based University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and several doctors and university employees as defendants.

Filed Monday in U. District Court in New Jersey, the lawsuit traces a series of events that Serodio maintains led to his suspension, starting with a March cultural exercise in a clinical skills course taught by Dr. Kathy Ann Duncan, where each student was asked to define themselves for a discussion on culture and medicine.

After Serodio labeled himself as a white African-American, another student said she was offended by his comments and that, because of his white skin, was not an African-American. Serodio, who lives in Newark, said he never meant to offend anyone and calling himself African-American doesn't detract from another person's heritage. It is equally as racist for some blacks to seek to reserve the continent of Africa to themselves, given the multi-ethnic makeup of that continent.

After all, while most people of sub-Saharan Africa are black, not all of them are. And in northern Africa, the vast majority are of an entirely different ethnic stock, a mixture of Arab and Semitic peoples among others. Are those individuals to be excluded from their African heritage in order to protect the hyper-sensitive feelings of racist blacks who want to lay claim to the continent as exclusively their own?

Is it the place of a public institution to define the race of its students and limit how some students view their heritage based upon those determinations? Why do I defend this gentleman? Perhaps it is because I do not know how else to identify an individual like Teresa Heinz Kerry, also born and raised in Mozambique, other than as an individual of unambiguously African heritage.

This sounds like it could be from the Onion, but it isn't. Perhaps it would be a tragedy for the Houston Chronicle to fold -- if only because of the loss of headlines like that one. My students laughed at me last fall when, after Hurricane Ike and the extended power outages that followed, I predicted an increased birth rate in the area come June and July.

Today they laughed with me when I read them the following article. Weather-related disasters like this one often produce such statistical anomalies, and I would not have expected Hurricane Ike to be any different. Rubio has won support from Florida conservatives and has a base in the Cuban-American community, but will need to raise a significant amount of money to credibly compete against Crist in the primary. Rubio is popular and has the Cuban-American demographic going for him, not to mention more conservative.

Crist, despite his unquestioned popularity with Florida voters, will be dogged by a certain rumor about him irrelevant to his qualification for office, in my opinion that has been given more public play in a current documentary. The real problem for me, though, is the fact that I believe that the GOP base should be picking the candidate, not the inside the Beltway crowd.

There really is only one appropriate response from normal males to the kerfluffle over the Carrie Prejean photos:. I love Star Trek. Always have, always will. How do they manage it on the Starship Enterprise. Well, most of what they do violates one tenet or another of international law. Why would this come as any surprise? And sadly, some of these weapons have been turned against civilians, another war crime.

And yet somehow the opinion leaders in this country appear more concerned over terrorists getting their faces wet at Gitmo than over enemy activities that actually merit condemnation by civilized people.

I like Gary Sinise. Like his style, and I like his politics. The only thing he would be lacking would be the sort of experience that would actually qualify him to be president. You had two tickets. My favorite line of the night? This one , uttered regarding the security guard dispatched to deal with her attempted crashing of the party. If I lose faith in a candidate, I quit working for the campaign.

Apparently the Democrats operate differently. They decided he should not be president, but continued to draw a check anyway, while planning to sabotage the campaign if it appeared he would win. And let me say that as deeply as I feel contempt for John Edwards, it does not approach the level of contempt I have for these staffers.

Better that they be good Americans and not participate in the cover-up -- and allow the voters in the Democrat primary to have full information on all the candidates, which might have influenced the eventual outcome of the Democrat nomination. After all, would those Edwards voters have broken for Obama, giving him an earlier victory in the delegate hunt? Or would the displaced Edwards voters have broken for Hillary Clinton, turning the entire race on its head?

And there are, of course, many Muslim countries that include sharia law as a part of their legal framework. Or should we instead recognize that the laws and court rulings of foreign countries should have no bearing upon how our courts interpret our statutes and fundamental law.

FoxNews says it all in this story. Alysha Castonguay posed for photos much more explicit and erotic than those that were leaked of Carrie Prejean. And while there is the disclosure issue, the bigger factor appears to be the desire of the pageant organizers to get rid of a young woman who had the audacity to take a conservative stance on a controversial social issue, a position that offended a loud and vocal segment of the liberal coalition but which was in keeping with the beliefs of a majority of Californians.

Even Alysha Castonguay sees the matter that way. If Rush Limbaugh or some other prominent conservative were to suggest that they hoped Wanda Sykes developed ovarian, uterine, or breast cancer and died?

And rather than express his disapproval, President Obama sat and laughed out loud as the semi-talented Ms. Sykes wished death on a political opponent and accused him of treason and terrorism.

Now the American press hates Limbaugh, whose audience is growing even as theirs is shrinking, so they are not particularly taken aback by such naked hatred in the name of politics. But I am particularly struck by the clear-headed response of Toby Harnden of the Telegraph. Now my initial reaction to this comment was shock. It was followed by the desire to mock Feherty's comment with an equally inappropriate response that I won't include here in the interest of good taste and common decency.

But in the end, I have to agree with the fifth columnists at Media Matters for sic America. NewsBusters has a very different take on the matter, pointing out that the piece was satirical in nature, and taking both MMA and Keith Olbermann to task over their failure to note what was said in the rest of the satirical article -- and noting that the piece was some seven-weeks old and that it came to national attention only after negative words from Rush Limbaugh's guest host on Friday.

This time on how to deal with terrorists -- he's going to go with military commissions rather than civilian courts to try the jihadi swine. Officials said yesterday that the Obama administration will seek a day extension of the suspension as early as next week. It would subsequently restart the commissions on American soil, probably at military bases, according to a lawyer briefed on the plan.

While the rules are going to be modified, the fact is that these jihadi swine will be kept out of civilian courts and tried in a forum more akin to those used to try our military personnel.

Seems reasonable to me -- after all, America's enemies should not get greater consideration than American soldiers -- and, indeed, do not merit even that much. Personally, though, I believe that both administrations are wrong on this. What needs to happen is extensive enhanced interrogation, followed by summary execution with a bullet coated in bacon grease.

No process is due to these enemies of civilization. Now he's siding with George W. Bush and Sarah Palin on protection for the polar bear. The administration had faced a weekend deadline to decide whether it should allow government agencies to cite the federal Endangered Species Act, which protects the bear, to impose limits on greenhouse gases from power plants, factories and automobiles even if the emissions occur thousands of miles from where the polar bear lives.

Especially since anthropomorphic global warming is a hoax that is well on its way to being discredited by good science on our climate. Besides, didn't i read recently that the polar bear population is up? Now one of our major concerns in the last few months has been the possibility of losing her.

After all, for over seven months we were out of our home, first evacuated to Austin, then living in the church hall, and finally the apartment several miles from our house. We wondered what would happen if she got away, and how we would ever recover her. That is where the idea of microchipping pets enters the picture.

Microchips can't be lost and don't fade or become defaced. And at the Home Again Web Site , you get a great service to help you recover your pet should it become lost. And if you subscibe to their service, HomeAgain will make a donation to help shelter animals through a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. One more sign that shifting Left may not help Arlan Specter after all. My concern is that this means a really divisive primary.

Hutchison, on the other hand, would be able to defeat practically any candidate that the Dems put up against her next fall. That is why, in the end, I am backing her in this race.

So tell me again why you want to cut the money set aside for dead cops and their families. I hate to say it, but I am not feeling a whole lot of sympathy for folks in this situation. Huge amounts of government assistance has been poured into the region impacted. Survivors of other disasters, like those of us who went through Hurricane Ike last fall, have received nothing near the level of assistance that was given to folks in New Orleans.

Indeed, except for a few elderly and seriouslydisabled folks in my town, there is not a FEMA trailer to be seen despite a 12 foot storm surge. We were expected to make due with our own resources, even in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Will Barry Hussein allow those good jobs with good wages and benefits go to foreigners in foreign countries?

Or will he insist that the company that he has poured taxpayer money into keep employing American taxpayers? One more bit of proof that the Democrats are disingenuous on what they now call torture. Instead, she has said, she was told only that the Bush administration had legal opinions that would have supported the use of such techniques.

The report details a Sept. At the time, Pelosi was the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee. What does this all mean?

It means that Pelosi and other leading Democrats knew about waterboarding and other means used to extract usable intelligence from jihadis. It means that they either approved those techniques or that they lacked the courage to speak out about them at the time. And it means that we have seen a sustained campaign of falsehood from the Democrats about the issue. Let's come out and say it -- hacking is a bad thing in too many cases.

Aside from being illegal, hackers tend to do damage to the systems they hack. But if you are interested in the challenge of breaking into systems, is there a way to do it legally and with an acceptable moral framework? Believe it or not, there is. What you can do is get into a field with expanding job opportunities and rising salaries -- IT Security. Think of it as "ethical hacking", as you try to crash through the doors and windows of your employers system.

Your job is not to do damage -- it is to find the holes in the system that would make it possible for the bad guys to do damage to the system. You aren't a vandal -- you are the first line of defense against those people.

Now how do you get trained for this? Well, one option is the online iClass option from the EC-Council. They offer coursework in Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking , Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, and Secure Programming to teach you how and what to do in an honest, above-board and legal manner so that you get paid for your work, not jailed for it.

He has released a statement on the matter. Not surprising, given that Ridge currently claims Maryland as his home state. Despite his strong Pennsylvania roots, that could have been used against him in both the primary and the general election. I see this as an unhappy outcome for the GOP. Is there another strong Republican who can both win the nomination and the general election?

Probable baby-mama Rielle Hunter is going to demand a paternity test and presumably seek child support. Possibly because I too have had breast cancer, I have been following Elizabeth Edwards story very closely. I firmly believe that Mrs. Edwards has handled herself superbly under unbelievable circumstances. The fact that the paternity of a child may come into play later has no bearing on Elizabeth's life and her legitimate family.

She has been tested far beyond her endurance and continues to come out on top. May the Good Lord continue to stay with this lovely lady. I simply cannot believe that Senator Lindsey Graham actually said this. Is it really your position that government officials should not listen to the voices of the people as expressed in public forums?

Could it be that the time has come for you to go, so that we can have leaders who actually give a damn what the people have to say? How about a Christianity Day? And where are the usual crew of secularists raising a red flag over this state recognition of religion? Haha I am muslim which means, those who submit to the will of God.

Now don't forget the K. K called themselves,"Good white christians". Now aren't they terrorist? You know most religions have their extreemist that goes directly against the book they claim, which are called "hipocrites"! That is simple ignorance that we simply can't ignore. People kill me when they pass judgement on something they have no knowledge on. God said in the quran that the more they try to distinquish his light the bright his light get!

So the more you talk about islam good or bad the more people revert cool huh? The question is why? We have many laws regulating the ownership and use of firearms. Why not enforce them rather than make new ones? But is it really a question of being more conservative? Or is it simply a question of recognizing that more laws are not the solution to the illegal sale and use of guns when we already have many that go unenforced?

In the same meeting, Congressman Tom Rooney R-FL offered an amendment to include veterans as a class protected under the hate crimes bill. Not only did the Democrats vote it down, but Cogresswoman Debbie Waasserman Schultz attacked the Republicans for even thinking veterans might need protection under hate crimes legislation.

Why vote down an amendment excluding pedophiles from protection? Even if one accepts the argument that they were not intended to be covered by the statute, why not make the exclusion explicit? If veteran status is a basis for protection under other civil rights statutes, why not this one? Could it be that we have seen the majority in Congress demonstrate that, like Bill Clinton in the s, it loathes the military? Of course, I oppose hate crime laws -- and I therefore oppose the entire bill currently under consideration.

But if we are to have such laws, why would we protect those who prey on vulnerable children, but not the patriots who defend our nation from its enemies? Arlen Specter goes from first to last in seniority on the Judiciary Committee. In a unanimous voice vote, the Senate approved a resolution that added Specter to the Democratic side of the dais on the five committees on which he serves, an expected move that gives Democrats larger margins on key panels such as Judiciary and Appropriations.

But Democrats placed Specter in one of the two most junior slots on each of the five committees for the remainder of this Congress, which goes through December Democrats have suggested that they will consider revisiting Specter's seniority claim at the committee level only after the midterm elections next year. Looks like Specter has hurt his home state of Pennsylvania by surrendering seniority for personal political advantage.

You see, it is really all about the best interests of Arlen! Some folks need their games to be very much like real life for them to be thrilling and enjoyable. This leads many of them to choose World of Warcraft as their gaming option.

But to play, you need to buy wow game time, usually from an online source of some sort. One such account retailer for WoW accounts, products and services, is found at www. You can buy world of warcraft game time there. Why get your stuff through www. And given that they provide support 7 days a week, you know that you will always be able to get in touch with them at I never thought I would be as ashamed of my country as I am at this moment. This is positively disgraceful. Military officials have said the bibles were sent through private mail to an evangelical Christian soldier by his church back home.

The soldier brought them to the bible study class where they were filmed. Why not simply returned to the sender? Why resort to book burning in order to suppress the free exercise of religion on the part of both American soldiers and the citizens of Afghanistan?

Will there be an investigation of who gave the order, and apologies to offended Christians like happened when it was falsely reported that a Koran may have been desecrated at Gitmo?

Or since Christians don't riot or issue fatwas, willthe US government simply ignore the offense given? And will the liberals who expressed outrage that soldiers might share the Gospel with Muslims express their revulsion at this act of official desecration of Christian religious texts by the US government? I wonder -- in the next report of countries that suppress the religious liberty of their people, will the US State Department now include the United States as an offender rather than a champion of religious liberty?

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What more can you ask for? Are you interested now? Then what are you waiting for? Just call them at and ask them the details about their program! Their customer service representatives are standing by to answer your calls from Mondays through Fridays from 9: When confronted with a woman offering a conservative view, the tendency is to refuse to address the argument.

Such is the case with the current Miss California. In other words, rather than engage in a well-reasoned attack on her position on gay marriage, they choose to instead engage in an ad hominem attack on her person. Now I might let this go without comment, were it not that this is a part of the pattern of attacks on conservative women that has to do with their gender and sexuality.

Could it be that, despite their constant claims to worship at the altar of female empowerment and liberated sexuality, that too many folks on the Left are simply misogynistic patriarchs who insist that women keep to their proper place -- which is silent and in the background unless they are mouthing liberal political philosophy.

By interesting coincidence, Joshuapundit just posted a wonderful quote from one of the twentieth century's greatest conservative women. Indeed -- hence this move to sexually belittle conservative women by the intellectually bankrupt American Left. Who says unwed mothers, with fake boobs and who posed in nude photos can't be Christian and conservative? Why the liberal need to paint them as whores in order to discredit them -- even to the point of faking evidence to support the false claim that is irrelevant to their point?

These women, especially Ms Prejean, have sluttified themselves. If you dont want people to find your dirty pics dont take them. If you dont want to be paraded onstage as a slut then dont become a pageant queen contestant. If you dont want to be criticized to getting fake bitties then dont get them.

This gal had it coming to her no matter what. She is next in-line for becoming a contestant on the new Rock of Love beauty pageant show. I cant wait for that one either.

You are the only one who has called the pageant winner a whore. You somehow missed the irony of posting Thatcher's quote. Its as if it was directed at you. Where is NOW in all this? All I hear is crickets. They are a bunch of wicked partisan bigots, same as the DNC leadership. It's disgusting to see the hate and smear tactics the left uses to attack those who don't agree with them. And it all began with the Clintons, who are the lowest forms of political life since time began. I have wondered the same thing, particularly about Palin.

Here is a woman who seems to embody all that feminists were working toward -except that she didn't have a liberal viewpoint. So groups such as NOW painted her as being a traitor to women. I love the quote of Thatcher;if only conservatives would respect it. If it was not for vile personal attacks right wing radio and fox tabloid would be silent. Many folks out there are carrying around a lot of debt, but they find that making all those separate payments for credit cards and payday loan s can really become a hassle.

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You might take a credit rating hit, but not as bad as having a bankruptcy on your record. I've been remiss in posting these, due in large part to the process of returning to the house. So with sincerest apologies, here are some belated announcements of Watcher's Council results honoring some fine blog posts from around the internet.

Winning Council Submissions First place with 2 points! Winning Non-Council Submissions First place with 2 points! Over the summer, my wife and I went on a little vacation to visit my folks. In advance of the trip, we made a decision as to how much money we wanted to have available to us for purchases during the trip.

But I'll be honest -- we didn't want to carry cash, and were not particularly interested in purchasing traveler's checks. How, then were we going to access the funds we had set aside for the trip?

Easy -- we got ourselves a couple of Prepaid Visa card s! It turned out to be one of those decisions that was exactly right for us. That got me thinking -- wouldn't that be a great way to approach the entire issue of credit cards? Simply fill up a card and spend it as needed -- while keeping track of the current balance. Simply load -- or reload -- the card with the appropriate amount of cash for the purpose at hand and operate on that budget. It would be a great way of dealing with lunch budgets at work, grocery shopping, and many othe rpurposes.

Heck, you could even use it to give your children their allowance, sinc eyou cannot overspend! It is an option worth considering. After all, the attack upon him after he engaged in some pretty reasonable speech when he was approached by Barack Obama made him, one would have hoped temporarily, a political figure. There are good arguments to be made against gay marriage, but he puts out none of them. But what especially hurts is to see the argument that he has gay friends, and that he will not allow them near his children.

First, it is completely wrong-headed to say that he is loving towards gay people while asserting that this is the correct path. But beyond that, there is even another issue. Is this guy someone we want to have as a face of the GOP? Looting our defense budget for the benefit of friends, family, and himself.

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It is based on the consumption of proteins in the diet to reduce the levels of insulin in the bloodstream. The increasing of the proteins leads to weight loss in many people. The focus is to control the insulin levels that will result in weight loss. The diet consists of unrefined carbohydrates and fats including nuts, olive oil, and avocado. Vegetarian diet concentrates on eating non-animal based foods except for eggs, honey, and dairy products.

Vegetarians have a lower body weight; suffer from less diseases, and longer life spans, according to current studies. Since the meat products have been removed from the diet, vegetarians consume less fat according to the studies. Your Vegan diet is more a philosophy and way of life since the diet does not include any animal-based products including eggs, honey, dairy, and meat products. The concept of the diet is based more on environmental and ethical reasons versus health related issues.

Weight Watchers Diet focuses on weight loss, exercise, and a support network or group. Dieters have the ability of meeting in person with the groups or using online services for support. The diet reduces the types of foods consumed while increasing the levels of exercise.

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