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National Futures Association (NFA) appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC or Commission) proposal to amend its regulations regarding registration and compliance requirements for Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs) and Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), which was published in the Federal Register on October 18, The proposal includes an.

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Try Premier Try Premier. Trading Signals New Recommendations. Subscriptions Futures Trading Education. Futures news - Grains. Sat, Jan 5th, Help. Read More Fri Jan 4, 3: Want to use this as your default charts setting?

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Right-click on the chart to open the Interactive Chart menu. The decline in their value may be sudden, or it may be prolonge A Very Extraordinary Chartist. How Should You Start? Sharing my Financial Goals - For this post, I will be sharing my financial goals. It has been many years since I last shared my new year financial goals on my blog. Berenang disukai oleh tiap-tiap kalangan baik ole Slow and steady, Quick and ready.

Aku jarang buat forecast untuk FCPO. Maklumlah aku tak berapa hebat nak trade market Bursa Malaysia Derivative ni. KLSE Bursa and techs. Bursa Malaysia Stock Market Digest.

Investing In Economic Moat Stocks - Whether you pick a low PE stock or a high dividend paying stock, it is summarised to the fundamentals of the company that you are investing. It is listed in Bursa since Dec Me as I am Bursa Malaysia Stock Market. Again Hupseng give dividen - Again this stock Hupseng announced to give divident to his shares holder.

How to be like him? Tis made him super jumbo rich, not daily buying n selling sto Corporate Governance in Malaysia. Back from Sabbatical - It has been quite a long break Steven Moo Financial Sustainability Blog.

My Stockfolio-Global Alpha Trading ideas. KLCI hovers at Bearish - Over the past months we have seen the KLCI approaching the target of but never quite breach that mark and since then it has tumbled to the current ran What it does and how it generates profit is importan The Company is engaged in manufacturing furniture products.

Cup and handle pattern for chart analysis - Cup and handle , type this 3 words then google it found many of chart show to be cup and handle,I laugh and talk to myself why now cup and handle have be A Malaysian Turtle Investing Diary By Amateur for Amateur.

Blog Post Title - What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: Bursa Malaysia Stocks Analysis. Bursa Malaysia - External Concerns to Cloud Sentiment - External Concerns to Cloud Sentiment Blue chips slumped on Wednesday, dragged down by the weaker sentiment at most global markets amid fears of a global re My Portfolio at the end of - [image: Talk About Share Market.

Malaysia Investment and Finance. Bursa Malaysia Stock Price Target. Wee Peng Ng - Hi Price http: Gorilla Investment News Opportunities. He has moved on to another site at http: Join us in our new chat group in Telegram - We can now discuss about stocks while having a cup of coffee using our smartphones. Join us at our chat group in Telegram.

Please help explain about ratio. Go to Source 4 years ago. Where is Ze Moola. Asian Stocks Rise First Time in Four Days as Yen Weakens - Asian stocks rose, with the benchmark regional index climbing for the first time in four days, as the yen weakened against the dollar, boosting the earnin Reminiscence of Stock Operator. Selected Stock Hot News. To Be A Success Trader. Apr13 - There is indication of positive progress in its new work permit renewal service. MYEG had secured its first major contract from a plantation government lin The Company is also engaged in the My Prediction Stock Market.

There are also a few people who like to request for Trading In Bursa Malaysia. Warrants Update - So long I didn't post. For your information, I have just updated the warran Will try to buy when it listed.

But wondering what is the best price to go in? Some experts said below RM Pick 5 stocks - 6 years ago. World of Malaysian SMEs. Yes, this is the 3rd article on Texchem. Just In Time News. Silver Bird Feb - Bakery products manufacturer is adopting a global strategy for its food business as it capitalizes on its strategic collaboration with its major shareholde I don't want to discuss about another market e. With US economy bubbles, Euro d

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