200000 INR Indische Rupie in EUR Euro

So rechnen Sie verschiedene Währungen einfach und schnell um: EUR in USD, USD in EUR, GBP in EUR, JPY in USD, CHF in USD, CHF in EUR, AUD in CAD, NZD in USD usw.

Mark Hi, I have gone through your project description and I'm interested to work with you. In the currency was born virtually and in notes and coins began to circulate.

US-Dollar(USD) Zu Euro(EUR) Wechselkurs Heute

Die Seite bietet dem Wechselkurs 1 US Dollar (USD) um Euro (EUR), der verkauf und der conversion-rate. Außerdem fügten wir die liste der beliebtesten umbauten für die visualisierung und die history-tabelle, die wechselkurs-Diagramm für 1 US Dollar (USD) zu Euro (EUR) von Freitag, 21/12/ bis Freitag, 14/12/

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Departed Estimated - Cancelled. Cancelled Arrived Estimated -. The European Union did indeed usher a guideline on the use of the euro sign, stating it should be placed in front of the amount without any space in English, but after the amount in most other languages. No official recommendation is made with regard to the use of a cent sign , and usage differs between and within member states.

Other abbreviations include "ct" particularly in Germany and Lithuania , "cent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chinese Hebrew Japanese Korean. Neither will work under Japanese , Korean or Traditional Chinese system locale settings. Linguistic issues concerning the euro. From the Dark Side… Speak to Me". Archived from the original on 2 July Retrieved 30 June Gazet van Antwerpen in Dutch. Archived from the original on 1 April Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 7 April Retrieved 21 August Archived from the original on 18 February Retrieved 21 December Rules for expressing monetary units".

Currency units , TranslationDirectory. Retrieved 25 June Coins minted from to depicted only the EU15, rather than the entire European continent, which is on coins minted after Similarly, coins minted from to depicted the EU15, rather than the whole European continent, which is on coins minted from All coins have a common reverse side showing how much the coin is worth, with a design by Belgian designer Luc Luycx.

Cyprus is shown several hundred kilometres north west of its real position in order to include it on the map. The original proposal from the European Commission was to include Turkey on the map, but this design was rejected by the Council.

The original designs of the 10c, 20c and 50c coins showed the outline of each of the 15 EU member states. Each state was shown as separate from the others, thus giving Europe the appearance of an archipelago. Non-EU states were not depicted. As in current issues, all coins featured 12 stars in their design. The year featured on the coins can date back to , when the currency was formally established only Belgian , Finnish , French , Dutch , and Spanish coins were struck with the date.

These countries traditionally strike coins with the year of minting rather than the year it was put into circulation. Researchers from the University of Zürich warned that an external ring of metal surrounding an inner pill of a different colour, as in the euro coins, can lead to the release of high levels of nickel, causing allergic reactions with people sensitive to the metal.

The researchers also warned that the coins could contain between and times the amount of nickel allowed under the EU nickel directive. The obverse side varies from state to state, with each member allowed to choose its own design. Each of the eight coins can have the same design such as Irish coins , or can vary from coin to coin such as Italian coins. In monarchies, the national side usually features a portrait of the country's monarch, often in a design carried over from the former currency e.

Republics tend to feature national monuments, symbols, or stylised designs such as French coins. There are, however, some restrictions on the design: New issues must also include the name of the issuing country or an abbreviation of it.

It may not repeat the denomination of the coin or the word euro unless it is in a different alphabet such as on Greek coins. The national side was also to remain unchanged until the end of , unless a monarch depicted on a coin died or abdicated such as in the case of the Vatican's coins or Monegasque coins. There are at present no plans to abolish the national designs in favour of a common European one.

However, the Commission has proposed that the 1c, 2c and 5c coins have a common design to keep costs down. Though they are not members of the EU, Andorra , Monaco , San Marino , and the Vatican City also have euro coins featuring a national side, but a considerable number of these coins are not put into general circulation by the authorities who instead sell them to collectors for prices higher than their face value.

No territories associated with Eurozone countries are issuing their own euro coins. France and Netherlands have areas which have their own currencies. Denmark and the United Kingdom have areas which use the currencies of their home countries but issue their own versions of banknotes. These two countries are part of the EU but not the eurozone, and it is uncertain what would happen if any of them adopted the euro. From there are 23 countries issuing coins with their own national sides, making it different euro coins, not counting annual differences or commemorative coins.

The national side should not repeat any indication on the denomination, or any parts thereof, of the coin neither should it repeat the name of the single currency or of its subdivision, unless such indication stems from the use of a different alphabet. This Recommendation should apply to national sides and edge letterings of both normal and commemorative euro circulation coins.

It should not apply to the national sides and edge letterings of both normal and commemorative euro circulation coins which have been first issued prior to the adoption of this Recommendation.

The above paragraphs, from a European Commission Recommendation of 19 December , in essence, exhorted five eurozone members to change their national designs. Finland and Belgium did so in and respectively while Austria, Germany [20] and Greece have not announced any design changes as of February However, the regulation only stipulates 20 June as a deadline for revising designs.

As of [update] , Belgium, Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain and the Vatican have all experienced a change in head of state and have revised their designs to reflect this and the new regulation where applicable.

Euro coins have high-security machine-readable features. Euro coins were designed in cooperation with organisations representing blind persons, and as a result they incorporate many features allowing them to be distinguished by touch alone. In addition, their visual appearance is designed to make them easy to tell apart for persons who cannot read the inscriptions on the coins.

The coins increase in size and weight with value. Of the eight denominations of euro coins, the three lowest denominations are small, resemble copper in colour and are quite thin and light. The next three denominations resemble gold in colour and are thicker as well as heavier. The highest two denominations are bimetallic, being generally larger and thicker than the lower denominations. In general, the greater the value, the heavier and larger the coin.

Copper colour identifies low value; gold colour identifies medium value; two different metals identify high value. There are also differences within each group. The 2 cent coin has a grooved edge to distinguish it from the 1 and 5 cent coins and also from the US penny , which has the same colour and diameter.

Similarly, the 20 cent coin is smooth with seven indents to distinguish it from the 10 and 50 cent coins.

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