The Three-Fund Portfolio Using Schwab Index Funds / ETFs

The Vanguard Institutional Index Fund - Institutional class with an OER of % - is a separate fund from the Vanguard Index Fund, but is designed to track the S&P Index. Schwab market cap index ETFs have among the lowest expenses in the industry.

Unfortunately, Schwab does not offer either an index mutual fund or ETF version of an international bond fund. Our k was with a separate company, but they obviously have strict control over how k could be invested. It looks like it would work well if it was matched up with a small cap or extended mkt index fund. So how do you build your index fund portfolio if you have your investments with Schwab?

One-Fund Portfolio: Start with the S&P 500 or Total Stock Market

Furthermore, Schwab's S&P index fund is also one of the most accessible funds on the market today. That's because Schwab allows investors to make a minimum investment of just $ to get.

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