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Explanatory video on this mode of manufacturing and traditional refining. Department of Justice is participating in a criminal probe of DeLay for his political fundraising activities in Great Britain, an investigation that includes DeLay 's These are all techniques long employed by Israel. Mit Regierungschef Tony Blair soll er nicht zusammentreffen. The details of the market premium were to be provided in a following governmental directive, following parliamentary approval.

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A 'flexible degression cap' was introduced, under which the degression rate could be adjusted to keep the uptake of photovoltaics within a specified corridor. The support for onshore wind improved. The initial tariff was raised, the repowering when old turbines are replaced by new bonus Repoweringbonus was increased, and an additional system service bonus was granted for specified technical contributions Systemdienstleistungen or SDL , including the ability to maintain voltage if the transmission grid fails.

The tariff for offshore wind was raised substantially. An additional 'early starter bonus' was offered for offshore wind farms entering operation before Support of biomass was also increased, with special bonuses for a number of different biomass types. Biomass must also comply with specified ecological requirements to be eligible, these requirements being contained in a separate 'sustainability ordinance' Nachhaltigkeitsverordnung or BioSt-NachV.

The hydroelectricity tariffs were raised considerably and particularly for micro and small power plants. The tariffs for geothermal energy were raised considerably too, as was the cogeneration bonus. An additional 'early starter bonus' was introduced for geothermal projects put into operation before A 'green power privilege' Grünstromprivileg was introduced, which exempted electricity suppliers with a minimum quota of renewables from the EEG surcharge under certain circumstances.

New measures allowed grid operators to temporarily limit wind turbine output in times of network congestion, with compensation payable to the plant owner for lost remuneration.

The government launched its national Energy Concept in September It was becoming clear that action on the photovoltaic remuneration was necessary. The growth in photovoltaics had exceeded all expectations. As a result, the support costs had skyrocketed. The feed-in rate itself was dependent on the system size and the proportion of demand that was consumed on-site.

Free-standing systems were excluded from using agricultural land. The PV Interim Act introduced the possibility of further downward adjustments for the photovoltaic tariffs during the year. It also modified the flexible cap to better control the growth of photovoltaics. In application of the EEG version in force at the time, [29] no further adjustment to the feed-in tariffs occurred in The new EEG sought to advance the dynamic expansion of renewable electricity generation, control the rising costs associated with the scheme, and enhance market and grid integration, while adhering to the principles of a feed-in system.

The revised system includes a market premium scheme, the market premium was intended to prepare renewables for the market and to eventually lower their dependence on explicit policy measures. The rising shares of variable renewable generation had led to concerns about the ability of the electricity system to cope. The new act included measures for the grid integration of photovoltaic systems.

Grid operators could now limit the feed-in of photovoltaics in times of grid overload, with the plant operators receiving compensation for their loss of revenue. A new ordinance required the retrofitting of photovoltaic systems to avoid the The system services bonus for onshore wind was extended and the repowering bonus was improved.

Offshore wind gained through improved early starter provisions. The biomass tariff system itself was greatly simplified, with now four size categories and two fuel categories.

The tariffs for geothermal energy were raised and the start of the degression postponed until , albeit at an increased rate. Electricity storage facilities were fully exempted from grid charges and are to be supported by a special research program. Industry privileges under the special equalisation scheme were extended to include more companies and the tariff reductions further improved.

As a result, the number of exempt firms rose from in to about in The exempted electricity load rose from Industrial self-consumption, previously exempted from the EEG surcharge, was now subject to the surcharge if the public grid was used, except in special circumstances. This measure was aimed at preventing abuse through contracting.

The introduction of an optional market premium was designed to support demand-oriented electricity generation. The market premium is the difference between the EEG tariff and the average spot market price. An additional management premium reimbursed administration costs and mitigated against market risks. An additional flexibility premium was introduced for gas storage at biogas facilities. The details of the market premium were to be provided in a following governmental directive, following parliamentary approval.

The green power privilege was also modified. The renewables targets remained unchanged and are identical to those specified in the Energy Concept.

In , after numerous complaints, the European Commission opened an in-depth state aid investigation into the EEG surcharge exemptions for energy-intensive companies and into the green power privilege. Despite the cutbacks in photovoltaic support, photovoltaic installations continued to boom. For the first time, cost control became the "determining factor" in the political debate over the EEG. This was despite the fact that the merit order effect had been depressing electricity spot prices.

The merit order effect occurs when preferentially dispatched wind and photovoltaic generation displaces more expensive fossil fuel generation from the margin — often gas-fired combined cycle plant — thereby driving down the cleared price. This effect is more pronounced for photovoltaics because their midday peak correlates with the maximum generation requirement on the system.

The merit order effect also lowers the revenues for conventional power plants and makes them less economically viable.

A study finds that "in the case of the year , the volume of the merit order effect exceeds the volume of the net support payments for renewable electricity generation which have to be paid by consumers". If new additions exceed this corridor, the degression rises by 1. The self-consumption privilege was removed for new installations, as grid parity was already met: The residual electricity could either be self-consumed or sold on the electricity market.

The act is available in English. In turn they receive a market premium from the grid operator to compensate for the difference between the fixed EEG payment and the average spot price for electricity. The purpose of this Act is to enable the energy supply to develop in a sustainable manner in particular in the interest of mitigating climate change and protecting the environment, to reduce the costs to the economy not least by including long-term external effects, to conserve fossil energy resources and to promote the further development of technologies to generate electricity from renewable energy sources.

The EEG also contains statutory targets for the share of renewable energy in gross final electricity consumption the targets are additional to those set out in the government's Energy Concept statement [16]:. The level of remuneration is still prescribed under the EEG until However the way that new installations receive their remuneration has changed. Most plant operators must now directly market their output, for which they get an additional market premium payment instead of an explicit feed-in tariff.

This premium is the difference between the average monthly wholesale price at the EEX energy exchange and the fixed remuneration stated in the EEG. From — onwards, defined remuneration rates will be replaced by competitive bidding, also known as auctions or tenders. Those investors offering the lowest prices will then receive support. The flexible cap mechanism for expansion corridors was replaced with set annual targets for the addition of wind, photovoltaic, and biogas capacity.

The government hopes these new corridors will lead to a better coordination between renewables and the use and expansion of the transmission network , as well as improving planning security for conventional generators. The target corridor for photovoltaics is set at 2.

Photovoltaic installations beyond this upper bound will not receive funding under the EEG. The remuneration for photovolatic installations is reduced 0.

Onshore wind retained its annual target of 2. However the target now excludes repowering, effectively extending the growth cap. The management premium and the bonus paid to wind farms providing stabilizing features Systemdienstleistungen are now being phased out. From onwards, the onshore wind tariff is reduced quarterly, depending on whether new capacity tracks the prescribed target. For offshore wind, the new act defines a target of 6.

Offshore wind farms that entered service before can choose between a fixed payment for 8 years or a reduced payment for 12 years. After this period, the basic reward is reduced still further, depending on the distance from shore and the depth of the sea. The biomass target is set at 0. Only biogas plants that use biowaste and liquid manure will receive more than the standard remuneration, depending on their capacity.

Tariffs are to be reduced by 0. The BMWi also stated that the competition was high and that prices fell from round to round. It added that small bidders were able to win tenders. These results will be used to develop auctions for other renewable electricity generation technologies. These figures confirm a falling trend from auction to auction. The following explains some of the process prior to the final legislation.

The reform is being driven by three guiding principles, namely the need: The government believes that the new auction system will control costs. The new system also accords with the desire of the European Commission for renewables support to be market-based. To this end, a suite of complex calculations Referenzertragsmodell are being developed to ensure that bids are comparable and payments are fair. It replaces prescribed feed-in tariffs with an auction system for the majority of renewable technologies.

It repeats the deployment corridors specified in the EEG to control the uptake of renewable electricity over the next decade and to ensure that future renewable energy targets are honored. This corridor will be maintained by auctioning only a defined capacity each year. Each technology — photovoltaics, onshore wind, offshore wind, and biomass — will get an auction design tailored to its needs.

As indicated above, the auction system was piloted in for ground-mounted photovoltaic facilities. As a result of this trial, the Economics and Energy Ministry BMWi abandoned ' uniform pricing ' in favor of ' pay-as-bid '.

Starting in , there will be between three and four auctions per year for photovoltaics and onshore wind. Participants will submit single sealed bids and will have to provide a substantial security deposit to ensure good faith.

Bids are tied to projects and locations and cannot normally be transferred. The lowest bids will win until the capacity under auction is met. A ceiling price is to be notified in advance.

A Texas Grand Jury has brought two more indictments against Rep. Tom DeLay , in addition to an earlier criminal conspiracy indictment.

The latest two indictments are for money laundering. Department of Justice is participating in a criminal probe of DeLay for his political fundraising activities in Great Britain, an investigation that includes DeLay 's The Boeing used to fly the mercenaries to Equatorial Guinea via Zimbabwe where it was impounded.

It has been a significant contributor to the Republican National Committee. If convicted on the Texas money laundering charges alone, DeLay faces up to life in prison. The Guardian reported that the "sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison was not an invention of maverick guards, but. These are all techniques long employed by Israel. As Batya Feldman of Israel 's Globes financial news service put it, the visit provided Israel i companies with "an excellent opportunity to encounter big bucks in homeland security.

The head of the American defense contracting firm implicated in the torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison has close ties to Israel and visited an Israel i "anti-terror" training camp in the occupied West Bank earlier this year. The purpose of the visit, according to a CACI press release, was "to promote opportunities for strategic partnerships and joint ventures between US and Israel i defense and homeland security companies.

According to a former top U. No laws exist to apply U. After a San Francisco Chronicle series focusing on the jail's regular and illegal practice of strip-searching inmates ran last year, some changes were made, but Bull said this and other inhumane practices in jails across the country illustrate the need for fundamental, systemic changes. People need to realize that there is an underclass in this country that suffers this same kind of institutional violence.

The issue of the CIA 's treat ment of detainees first arose after agency officials sought legal guidance on how far its employees and contractors could go in interrogating suspects and whether the law barred the CIA from using extreme methods, including feigned drowning, in the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, the first of the al-Qaeda leaders captured by the US. He was apprehended in Pakistan in early It was in response to this reply that Bybee gave his ruling defining the scope of torture, which was later swiftly revoked when it became public.

If army officers were taking direction from contractors then we have worse problems than prison abuse in Iraq as bad as that may turn out to be. That means the Army has either given up command of its own missions or has so few intel soldiers left that they can't function anymore.

If thats the case then we can kiss the hopes of those 50 million Iraqis goodbye. That contract will likely keep Titan 's force of over 4, translators working in Iraq until September As civilians, contractors can't be tried in military courts.

Last year, the Coalition Provision Authority declared that foreign civilians in Iraq can not tried in Iraqi courts. When asked during last month's Senate hearings if the Both Titan and CACI have repeatedly denied allegations that their personnel have been involved in any illegal activity or wrongdoing.

They have said the lawsuit against them is unfounded and have stood by specific employees accused of The visitor, whom Akeel will identify only as "Saleh," explained he had been held at Abu Ghraib, Saddam Hussein's most notorious prison, not once, but twice. The first time, he said, was for opposing Saddam's regime.

After his release, he fled to Sweden. His story is among the worst told by 13 Iraqis who have filed two unusual lawsuits - longshot attempts to hold American civilian contractors responsible for torture in Iraq, allegations that they strongly deny. One of those prisoners, according to Akeel's lawsuit, was Sami Abbas Majdel Al Rawi, 56, owner of a Baghdad company involved in reconstruction contracts with the U. He was arrested with his son, Mwafaq, a year-old lawyer, on March 1 at Baghdad International Airport.

Akeel said the father and son told of being beaten, handcuffed, hooded, deprived of food and water, not allowed to use a toilet, and forced to stand on one leg for long periods at an airport jail.

Paul Bremer, neither soldiers nor private contractors can be charged in Iraq with any crime committed in the course of their duties. Although soldiers can be charged under USA military laws, those statutes contain no provisions for charging civilians Even before the words "Abu Ghraib" were on everyone's lips,.

In March the Pentagon 's Defense Contract Audit Agency discovered "deficiencies in the labor accounting controls" on one of Titan 's Iraq gigs, prompting the Army to penalize the company. The firm's most recent K report, an official document that must be filed annually with stock market regulators, acknowledges it is being investigated for its dealings overseas.

At Titan , Williams downplayed the legal issues. He added that the controversy with the DCAA "has already been solved. Whatever they've found, we've already fixed it. He characterized the various inspectors general probes as routine and said that Titan 's marriage to Lockheed was on track. At a time when other businesses continue to struggle, notably those whose fortunes aren't hitched to the war on terrorism, CACI has enjoyed growth reminiscent of the dot-com era, on.

In contrast to Titan , CACI hasn't gotten entangled with the law in more than a decade, but the firm definitely has skeletons in its closet: The companies strenuously deny any wrongdoing. By privatizing, they seek to subvert the Geneva Conventions on war and other universal standards of human rights. It is irresponsible and dangerous to use contractors in such settings given that there is a long history of repeated human rights abuses by contractors.

The Philadephia attorney charges that the use of private contractors is illegal. Robert Joseph , the man who personally inserted the infamous sixteen words about Saddam Hussein allegedly buying uranium from Niger into Bush's Robert Joseph ignored the findings of foreign intelligence agencies by reinserting the claim. If the Pentagon punished the companies, that could deter others from offering outsourcing services, they said. Titan 's role in translating grew from its acquisition May Justin Frank: Only a Cigarette BurnBy Justin Frank on Iraq President Bush spent his entire life denying his cruelty, whether it was cruelty to animals, people, or to social structure.

He continues to do so, as innocents from Iraq to New Orleans will attest. Our Constitution -- the current institution I have in mind -- cannot speak. May Me, Me, Me The Web has made accessing far-flung news outlets, from tiny local papers to major foreign presses and every Web log and magazine in between, as simple as a couple of mouse clicks.

But keeping that deluge of information organized hasn't been so easy for readers. Now, some Web sites are taking a May Rumors May Fly, but Treasury Chief Hangs On He persists despite a stream of damning quotations attributed to unidentified White House officials, tepid votes of confidence from President Bush and countless predictions that had him out the door by spring. Snow was supposed to be among the first casualties of the White House Marshall Jarrett, wrote in the letter to Representative Maurice D.

Hinchey, Democrat of New York, that "we have been unable to make meaningful progress in our investigation because O. May Op-Ed Columnist: America the Fearful President Bush wants Americans to remain in a perpetual state of fear so they will not notice the many ways in which their fear is being manipulated. May Muslim hardship under spotlight Many Muslims in England face bleak employment prospects and poor housing standards, a report finds.

May Justice system out of touch - PM The criminal justice system is "the public service most removed from what people want," the PM says. May IBM joins effort to prevent pandemics Big Blue is working with leading health organizations to save lives by learning how to curb the spread of infectious disease.

And the transportation is carried out by biomolecular motors. Now, researchers from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have built a traffic control system able to force individual molecules to choose between 'roads' by applying strong electrical fields locally at.

This traffic control system can potentially lead to new nano-fabrication techniques. Read more for additional references and pictures showing how this traffic system works. When millions of books have been scanned and their texts are made available in a single database, search technology will enable us to grab and read any book ever written. Ideally, in such a complete library we should also be able to read any article ever written in any newspaper, magazine or journal.

And why stop there? This is used as a yet another reason for tiered pricing for access to content providers. To offset that cost, ISPs want to start charging content providers to ensure delivery of large video files, for example.

This has nothing to do with who the president is May Negroponte had lied about spying on Americans: Why not talk to Tehran? Just as interesting, though, are the comments, which variously consider RWE mit überraschendem Gewinnsprung Chavez warnt vor Ölpreis über Dollar. Nordkorea soll Atomreaktor aktiviert haben Der Ölpreis könne dann auf Dollar pro Barrel oder mehr klettern.

Mit Regierungschef Tony Blair soll er nicht zusammentreffen. Abramoff cohort spent millions on Sussex homes May A future with no bananas? Go bananas while you still can. The world's most popular fruit and the fourth most important food crop of any sort is in deep trouble.

Its genetic base, the wild bananas and traditional varieties cultivated in India, has collapsed. Virtually all bananas traded internationally are of a single May Specter On Domestic Spying: May Yesterday, Bush said this in his weekly radio address: The intelligence activities I have authorized are lawful and have been briefed to appropriate members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger R-CA has also spoken out against the plan. Schwarzenegger is] against sending the National Guard. Where do you stand? Well, I want to listen to the details and I want to listen to the President. But I would say this: I think we have to be very careful here. We have stretched our military as thin as we have ever seen it in modern times. What in the world are we talking about here, sending a National Guard that we may not have any capacity to send down to protect our borders.

TalkLeft has the May 5th hearing transcript. Firedoglake breaks it down. He returned the favor in his speech at Liberty by attacking the blogosphere: It seemed I understood the world and the purpose of life so much more profoundly than most people.

I believed that to be especially true with many of my elders, people whose only accomplishment, as far as I could tell, was that they had been born before me, and, consequently, had suffered some number of years deprived of my insights…. I would have felt very much at home in the medium. May Telco Liability: Falkenrath — former deputy assistant to President Bush — takes the opposite view. The three companies reported to have supplied telephone records to the NSA also appear to be acting lawfully….

The relevant portion of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act — known as the Stored Communications Act — explicitly prohibits voluntary or required disclosure of phone records to the government with several limited exceptions. As we explained here and here none of those exceptions apply.

May MI5 hid evidence on Tube bombing http: MI5 had secret tape recordings of Mohammad Sidique Khan, the gang Well, things didn't remain equal and the Bush May Molly Ivins: Is Doing in Iraq May Martial Law Rise of the Police State But his son looks like something way worse, way more vicious and sinister than Reagan. Hullabaloo "We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true.

But you people sit there day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds. We're all you know. You're beginning to believe the illusions we're spinning here. You're beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you.

You dress like the tube. You eat like the I think that's aiming too low. That's not going far enough. May Federal and state regulators have asked the agency that owns the former Deutsche Bank building near the World Trade Center site to stop cleanup work. Remember, they have the guns and the bombs that is, as in nuclear bombs and they will use them on us if need be. There is the potential for evil beyond your wildest immagination. This part, I know and understand and am very fearful of.

I just wonder why. Nothing happens in government without a reason, so why did this happen? What was the real core reason? Does anyone really know the answer? Because it was censored, subjected to a total media blackout. Not a word in the State Journal.

Not a word in The Capital Times. Not a word on the local TV news. Not a word on local radio news. Because Reynolds violated the ultimate U.

When a former Bush administration insider makes such charges, how can the media ignore them? Is Reynolds a lone crank? William Sloane Coffin, Sen. Barbara Boxer, former head of the Star Wars program Col.

As a Watergate-era graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism, I was taught that exposing government lies and corruption is the supreme duty of the Fourth Estate. I simply cannot fathom the current situation. I wish someone would explain it to me.

A Case for Conspiracy Theorists? May The biggest con: May 07, - May 13, Archives Book suggests Libby's relationship with reporters spared him Plame coverage May Reconciling Plane Paths May Scan This Book!

Despite the opposition of publishers and their lawyers, the world's texts are being electronically copied, digitized, searched and linked. Officials inside CIA headquarters saw May Indonesia villagers defy volcano Villagers defy the danger of Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi, saying they must tend their livestock and crops. May Blair 'to amend human rights law' Tony Blair is planning sweeping changes to the UK's human rights laws, it is reported.

May China risks new row over bishop China risks more tension with the Vatican by installing another bishop without Holy See approval. May New Haiti president takes office Rene Preval is sworn in as Haiti's first democratically-elected president since the overthrow of his predecessor. May Inquiry call over 'bomber tapes' David Davis calls for a public inquiry into the 7 July bombs after a paper claims MI5 withheld a tape of one of the bombers.

May PM criticised over animal testing Anti-vivisectionists have criticised Tony Blair's pledge to sign an online petition which backs animal testing. May Clue to grapefruit drug reaction Scientists say they have evidence pinpointing what it is in grapefruit that can interact dangerously with some drugs.

Information Week magazine is reporting that government auction is opening a way for telecoms to introduce voice-over-IP links on in-flight communication systems. Although many frequent flyers and airline attendants favor a ban on the phone chatter, Connexion by Boeing, whose Internet service is already offered on nearly international flights a day, notes that there have been no complaints of in-cabin incidents about the technology.

The Connexion service is regularly used by passengers to make VoIP calls. According to the Telegraph U. For now they are only showing it to 22, homes, but next year they plan on going national with the 'show'.

They fly under the flag 'fighting crime from the sofa'. Ripping CDs to MP3s. The new laws will also make it legal for people to tape television and radio programs for playback later, a practice currently prohibited although millions of people regularly do it. Under the current regime, millions of households a day are breaking the law when they tape a show and watch it at another time. May Thuggery, buggery, hunger and war. May 'Amazon Stonehenge' found in Brazil.

Archaeologists discovered a pre-colonial astrological observatory possibly 2, years old in the Amazon basin near French Guiana, said a report. Petersburg FL company involved in last month's mysterious 5. May This time around, the invaders are the tourists.

Tourism is booming in the Languedoc region of France, largely due to some enduring mysteries that link a charismatic priest of a century ago with the controversial claims in The Da Vinci Code. May Ohio politicians are bracing for coin dealer's plea change. The investment scandal investigation has been a major embarrassment for Republicans, who dominate state politics. May India seeks to save its treasure of manuscripts. The National Mission for Manuscripts NMM has launched a massive survey programme across the country to find out, document and preserve manuscripts within five years' time period.

The government urged a federal judge on Friday to block a lawsuit filed by a German national who says he was illegally held in a CIA -run prison in Afghanistan for four months and tortured.

May No Rules, Just Might: The Vietnamese are asking: May Algerian Rebels Threaten U. Algerian rebels have threatened to strike U. May Chavez preaches socialism to European summit: Hugo Chavez, yesterday paved the way for a politically-explosive visit to London this weekend as lambasted Tony Blair's brand of free market economics and said Europe should note the rise of socialism in Latin America.

Within the last week, Karl Rove told President Bush and Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, as well as a few other high level administration officials, that he will be indicted in the CIA leak case and will immediately resign his White House job when the special counsel publicly announces the charges against him, according to sources.

May William M. The National Security Agency and other U. May Military seeks more air bases: Allen Peck, deputy air commander of U. Central Command, which oversees the region. May Words of Mass Deception: And the Australian Government has made sure he pays a high price for his stand. Jerry Falwell at his side, Senator John McCain offered a spirited defense of the Iraq war on Saturday, telling graduating students at Liberty University that victory there was crucial to world security.

May Standing on the bodies: Analysts say McCain wooing religious right: When he ran for the Republican presidential nomination May I ran and Turkey fire salvo over Iraq: Both Turkey and Iran have been launching military raids into northern Iraq against a Kurdish paramilitary group that is based there, posing a dangerous new threat to stability both within Iraq and to the region.

May Iran to conduct nuclear activities under UN control - Ahmadinejad: Iran is ready for talks with all the countries of the world except Israel ," he said. May US must address Iran security concerns: There is a sense of insecurity," he said.

May An Iranian offer that America must heed: The Ahmadinejad letter is an invitation to dialogue as well as a reminder of the dangers posed by the Bush administration. Euro to replace dollar as oil currency: The switch, first mooted months ago, was expected but Ahmadinejad's decision comes just as Washington is stepping up pressure on other United Nations Security Council members to act against Tehran for flouting agreements taken with the UN's nuclear watchdog.

May Haniyeh stresses right of return: Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas says right of return for Palestinian refugees is 'holy' for Palestinian people; Hamas will make no concessions on issue to international peace brokers, he hints.

May Haifa mayor: I agree to refugees' return: In interview to Israel i-Arab newspaper, town's Head Yahav says he does not object to Palestinians going back to Haifa in framework of peace deal between Israel and PA Buchanan When the U. And in that war of aggression against Iran, we supported the aggressor.? When the bottom drops out, the snoozing American middle class will finally stir from their slumber and get their first look at the new world Continue.

Viele Indizien sprechen mittlerweile dafür, dass die Liebe zwischen Mutter und Kind vor der romantischen Liebe existierte. Etwa aus der Verhaltensforschung: Das ist bei Tieren nicht anders: Wenn ein Spatz um ein Weibchen wirbt, zittert er mit den Flügeln wie ein bettelndes Küken. Die Angebetete reagiert mit zärtlichem Füttern. Auch beim Menschen hat Eibl-Eibesfeldt viele solcher Infantilismen beobachtet. Die Trippelschritte etwa, mit denen sich traditionell gekleidete Japanerinnen fortbewegen, sind verhaltensbiologisch nichts anderes als das Zittern des Sperlings: Und wenn der Büronachbar mit der Geliebten telefoniert, wechselt er in eine höhere Tonlage, was auch typisch ist für die Mutter-Kind-Kommunikation.

So wies der Psychologe Seth Pollack von der University of Wisconsin nach, dass das Liebeshormon Oxytocin bei Kindern nur eine geringe Aktivität entfaltet, wenn sie keine Mutterliebe erfahren haben. Und auch Spuren im Gehirn, die ein früher Liebesmangel hinterlässt, könnten die spätere Bindungsfähigkeit beeinträchtigen. Darauf deuten Versuche mit Strauchratten hin.

Eine Trennung des Neugeborenen von seiner Mutter kam in den Sechzigerjahren häufig vor. Oft war es nicht mehr als eine Stunde pro Woche. Remember the drug plane -- the DC9 caught in Mexico hauling 5.

As we saw earlier, the plane bore the logo of Skyway , a scam company put together by Brent Kovar, a noted con artist who -- just like Brent Wilkes -- brags about his CIA connections. To read the rest, click "Permalink" below The Skyway scam is complex, as these things often tend to be.

Basically, Kovar told investors that he held the patent on a new wireless data transmission technology, which -- he claimed -- would revolutionize aircraft-to-ground communications.

Supposedly, Skyway bought the airliner to test out the communication system. But the system was a fake. That's when the plane was discovered hauling cocaine. Skyway has had a strange relationship with yet another defense contractor, Titan Corp oration: SkyWay Communications Holding Corp.

Government for use with selected military and homeland security applications. This is all very intriguing -- because Skyway 's "services" as investors discovered were bogus. This blog's first post on this topic attracted some particularly interesting commentary, including the following: Digging into the details of this patent, I'm astonished at the impudence of Mr. Kovar to declare this his invention.

All of the components are common knowledge, the arrays, the pointers, even the idea of using a time tick to syncronize data and reduce the amount of data to be transmitted this has been used in encryption for secure communciations long before. This begs the question, does Mr. Kovar have any serious background in programming or who coobled this mishmash together for Skyway s?

And pls note that nowhere in the patent the special issues of using wireless ground to air radio transmission are addressed.

Imho the problems that are asscociated with this garbled transmissions may lead to loss of syncronicity, clock signals may be lost will render this whole "invention" useless.

Even though Skyway peddled worthless goods -- and Titan must have known that they were worthless -- Titan promised to funnel millions of dollars' worth of business to Kovar's pseudo-company. Now, why have I dealt with the Kovar con in the context of a dicussion of Wilkes? Because the ever-intriguing Daniel Hopsicker has found a somewhat indirect, but nevertheless intriguing link.

Like Wilkes , Titan was a major G. Skyway also heavily contributed to Republican causes. The Titan executive who announced the strange deal with Skyway was one David Stinson. This individual, Hopsicker found, was the executive vice president of another defense firm, called Intergraph.

Intergraph is a genuine firm; they have provided software to some renown companies, including Mobil and Bechtel. Although Hopsicker says that Intergraph is based in Annopolis, Maryland, the company claims that their main office is in Huntsville, Alabama.

Can our story become even more complicated? Sorry, folks, but we're going to have to talk about still another shadowy "defense" firm. This one is called TomaHawk II. The name derives from an alleged connection to Native Americans: All four branches of the military will be covered under the contract. This is awfully confusing. Why would a document conversion firm hire a document conversion firm?

And why would Intergraph jump into the deal? Let's go back to Laura Rozen , who will help our understanding So Wade learned his tricks of the trade from Wilkes , and Wilkes learned some of his tricks, the suit alleges, from Steve Caira, the owner of a San Diego-based document conversion company called TomaHawk II.

And while Cunnigham was first Wilkes ' and then Wade's benefactor, according to this lawsuit, Caira's benefactor was Rep. What's also incredible if true is the lawsuit's allegation that Caira gave 15, stock shares in his company to the DoD official who awarded Caira's company, TomaHawk II, a Pentagon contract facilitated by Hunter on the Appropriations committee.

And who lobbied for TomaHawk II? Companies, now Pace-Capstone , back Get your head around that. Pace-Capstone represents Indian tribes and the Mariana Islands.

In other words, we are suddenly thrust back into Jack Abramoff territory. As a side note, I should mention that back in the mid-'90s, various news stories started to uncover a series of scandals involving spooks, mobsters and shady "defense" contractors, all of whom were muscling their way onto the reservations.

Using Indian tribes as a cover provides all sorts of advantages. If you are interested, try googling the names "Cabazon" and "Nichols. Among the founders was one Dennis R. Di Ricco of Portola Valley, a former attorney who resigned from the bar He was convicted later on tax and obstruction of justice charges Audre went into bankruptcy because a judge declared that the company was jointly and severally responsible for payments to Casey's ex-wife. Di Ricco testified he helped launder hundreds of thousands of dollars and supplied large quantites of cash for use as payola, in the largest record industry payola case in U.

So let's simplify matters. Let's focus on what we know. We know that Intergraph, under David Stinson, was involved in their dealings. And we know that -- according to Hopsicker -- this same David Stinson moved to Titan and tossed a ton of money into Skyway , even though Skyway was running an obvious con. Just how many plane-loads of coke entered the USA before the great bust? The corruption converges For quite a while now, I've contended that Brent Wilkes -- the spooked-up bribe-meister still described as a "defense contractor" by most mainstream publications -- ran a largely phoney string of businesses.

The same schemes took place during the Katrina clean-up: A company run by a G. If it stinks get a lid, if it still stinks get a bigger lid. I don't think we can find a lid big enough Should you worry that this man is watching your phone records? NSA 's first domestic spying program, collecting data on Nixon's enemies, was shut down by Congress Was Bush sagt, hat nichts mit dem zu tun, was der Staat macht. Dann ging es weiter: Man könne den Eindruck gewinnen, der politische Apparat sei vom staatlichen Handeln, ja von der Wirklichkeit entkoppelt.

Die amerikanischen Medien verbreiten aber: Es gibt mit dieser Regierung keine Normalität mehr. Friedman teilte sein Urteil schon im ersten Satz mit: Die nächste Ausbaustufe in Europa ist bereits geplant: Damit lässt sich detailliert festhalten, wann und wie Nutzer online waren oder telefonierten.

Für diese Daten interessiert sich nicht nur der Staat, auch Musik- und Filmindustrie frohlocken. Georg - berüchtigt für seine Drogenszene - als Wohnort eingibt, bekommt als Zahlungsmodus Vorkasse angezeigt. Ein glatter Bruch des Datenschutzgesetzes: Es verbietet eine automatisierte Bewertung von Kunden.

Ab soll auf dem Chip auch ein digitalisierter Fingerabdruck hinterlegt werden. Das Beratungsunternehmen International Biometric Group erwartet angesichts dieser Möglichkeiten einen Boom im weltweiten Biometriemarkt: Der Jahresumsatz, so schätzen die Experten, werde von derzeit 2,1 Milliarden Dollar bis auf 5,7 Milliarden Dollar steigen Aber Deutschland holt auf.

Die meisten Bundesländer haben nach den Anschlägen vom

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